Joe Biden is about to send a U.S. Marine to his death in this massive betrayal

Joe Biden likes to claim he is a major supporter of the U.S. military.

But like so much of what Joe Biden said on the campaign trail, that turned out not to be true.

And Joe Biden is about to send a U.S. Marine to his death in this massive betrayal.

The State Department is in the process of trying to extradite former U.S. Marine Christopher Ahn to Spain to face charges he broke into the North Korean Embassy in Madrid where Ahn and members of the Free Joseon – which means “Free North Korea” – beat and tied up diplomats as part of a plot to help the North Korean Ambassador in Spain defect.

Ahn has denied these claims and said that he wanted to help the North Korean Ambassador defect before the diplomat had a change of heart.

But Ahn has been warned that Kim Jong Un put a “target on his back” and that if the U.S. government extradites him to Spain, the North Koreans will assassinate him.

“The court has recognized that there is a danger to my life and to those around me if I leave this country. Quite frankly, they’ve told me that that danger is here, in the United States and that that danger exponentially increases if I leave the country,” Ahn said in a Fox News interview.

“The fear is there,” Ahn continued.

To add insult to injury, Ahn said it was Biden’s own government that told him Kim Jong Un will send a hit squad after him while still trying to extradite him to Spain.

“The same Department of Justice that has told me that if I leave the country that I could be assassinated, is the same Department of Justice that’s trying to extradite me,” Ahn added. “It’s very disappointing.”

Americans are appalled that Biden would have his government honor an extradition request for a U.S. Marine on dubious charges when his own government is saying a hostile foreign power marked that American for death.

There is still time for the Biden administration to change course.

Many Americans are hoping common sense and compassion prevails.

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