Joe Biden is doomed after Trump outplayed him in a state he needs to win in November

Joe Biden’s campaign for President is not going how he thought it would.

Despite having the Fake News Media on his side, Trump continues to crush him.

And now Joe Biden is doomed after Trump outplayed him in a state he needs to win in November.

None of the so-called “political experts” were prepared for Donald Trump when he ran for President in 2016.

Going into the election, they all claimed he had no chance and that Republicans were doomed the moment he got the Republican nomination.

But Trump proved them all wrong, and not only won in 2016, but dominated Hillary Clinton.

He won states that virtually nobody expected him to win, like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Democrats were so sure about those states that they barely put any effort in.

Meanwhile, Trump spoke to those voters and made his case to them.

The first sign that he might win those states in 2016 came with his massive campaign rallies.

In all three of those states, he filled massive arenas with supporters, with his rallies looking more like rock concerts than political events.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton held tiny events with nowhere near the enthusiasm of Trump’s supporters.

That dynamic is continuing in the current election.

Recently, Joe Biden held a campaign rally in Michigan.

His event was held in a small space, without much support, and little enthusiasm.

To make matters worse, there was a group of Trump supporters outside who were able to outnumber the amount of support that Biden brought in.

So Biden’s prospects in Michigan don’t seem to be very good based just on that.

But Trump made it even worse by hosting a rally of his own in Michigan just days after Biden’s event.

On the airstrip of an airport in Freeland, Michigan, Trump hosted the rally which brought out thousands of supporters.

During the rally they broke out into a chant of “we love you,” which Trump clearly appreciated.

His event was many times more successful than Biden’s sad excuse for a rally.

And it is especially troubling for Biden considering just how important Michigan is for his campaign.

Despite what the Fake News Media says, Biden has a very difficult fight against Trump going into November.

And once they get on the debate stage, things will become much more difficult for him.

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