Joe Biden is feeling the heat after he was caught in this America last betrayal

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The American people are being put last under Joe Biden’s globalist agenda.

No one ever thought he would take it this far.

And Joe Biden is feeling the heat after he was caught in this America last betrayal.

President Joe Biden is rolling out the red carpet to welcome a record-shattering number of illegal aliens into the country.

Democrats constantly deny that they support open borders or that Biden is intentionally creating the illegal immigration crisis.

A new report revealed that illegal aliens are receiving a staggering amount of taxpayer money to cross the border.

The Center for Immigration Studies found that the federal government has spent over $1 billion on prepaid debit cards, envelopes of cash, and other taxpayer-funded goodies to would-be illegal aliens making the journey north to the border.

The Biden State Department and American taxpayer-funded United Nations programs and religious groups are putting these handouts on “migration trails” commonly used by would-be illegal aliens traveling to the border.

The report found that the Biden regime spent more than $1.4 billion on these welfare programs last year while the country was suffering from record-breaking illegal immigration.

“Biden is directly footing the bill for at least part of facilitating the most voluminous mass migration crisis in U.S. history, now in its fourth straight year,” Center for Immigration Studies senior national security fellow Todd Bensman said.

He examined the records of faith-based nonprofits that assist illegal aliens and found that the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration “have been mainlining taxpayer funds to these groups, which then distribute them to keep hundreds of thousands of migrants comfortably moving toward illegal U.S. southern border crossings.”

The United Nations’ International Organization of Migration – which helps would-be illegal aliens travel through Central America and Mexico – received more than $1 billion in funding from the Biden regime.

“The State Department openly acknowledges issuing guidance to field staff on budget and planning coordination for the Latin American effort, and it has turned over operation of major U.S. government policy initiatives in Latin America, such as an expansion of ‘refugee’ centers and management of a no-interest ‘international travel loan’ programs,” Bensman explained.

This little-known initiative is quietly fueling the illegal immigration crisis while the President promises with a wink and a nod to shut down the border if Congress passes a fake border security bill.

“It hurts the country by easing the northward path for mainly economic immigrants who voluntarily make the journey knowing in advance that all of their basic needs will be provided for and that border policies virtually guarantee their entry and long-term stay,” Bensman said in the report.

According to Bensman, the United Nations and faith-based nonprofits are prepared to hand out prepaid debit cards, cash, and mobile deposits for more than 600,000 would-be illegal aliens in 2024. 

The Biden regime is encouraging and paying for illegal immigration at the southern border.

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