Joe Biden is feeling the heat after he was caught in this ugly electric vehicle scandal

Joe Biden is pouring billions of dollars into the electric vehicle industry to prop it up.

But this taxpayer money is being sent to the worst possible place.

Now Joe Biden is feeling the heat after he was caught in this ugly electric vehicle scandal.

Joe Biden opens the door for electric vehicles made with Chinese parts

2022’s Inflation Reduction Act was the crown jewel of President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal agenda.

The wildly misnamed bill included a $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicle sales.

Only vehicles that meet a loosely defined “made in America” standard for production and parts sourcing are supposed to be eligible for the tax credit.

Because of a provision in the Inflation Reduction Act, foreign electric vehicles are eligible for the tax credit if they’re leased.

And leasing has become more popular for them as dealers try to clear them off of their lots.

Dealers are slashing prices and coming up with incentives to get rid of electric vehicles because consumer demand has collapsed for them.

California New Car Dealers Association President Brian Maas told the Daily Caller News Foundation that leasing is boosting sales for foreign electric vehicles that otherwise wouldn’t be eligible for the tax credit.

“Anecdotal information is that leases are going up, in some cases dramatically, due to the applicability of federal tax credits to commercial tax credits,” Maas said. “We have heard reports that, for some brands, leasing is exceeding 50% of all EVs sold by the dealer, especially for brands that cannot qualify with the domestic content and manufacturing requirements.”

American tax dollars are being funneled to communist China 

Now the Biden administration is changing the rules around the eligibility for the $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit again to the benefit of China.

Biden’s Energy Department issued its final guidance on the definition of a “foreign entity of concern” (FEOC).

A rule meant to keep China, North Korea, and other hostile countries from cashing in on the electric vehicle tax credit.

Foreign entities are considered “a FEOC if it is headquartered, incorporated or performing relevant activities in a covered nation, if 25% or more of its voting rights, board seats, or equity interest are held by the government of a covered nation, or if the entity is effectively controlled by a FEOC,” according to the Energy Department.

China controls the production of electric vehicle batteries from the processing of rare earth minerals to manufacturing.

A company can still be under Chinese control even if it does not explicitly hold 25% or less control as defined by the FEOC guidelines.

Attorney Michael Buschbacher told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the new FEOC guidance is a blueprint on how to beat it.

“The new guidance is definitely not sufficient. The guidance creates a roadmap for how to basically avoid FEOC designation,” Buschbacher explained. “It’s like this fiction, where there’s an entity controlled by an entity that’s controlled by a covered nation, but it doesn’t count as being controlled for the purposes of this rule.”

China can play games with shell companies to beat the FEOC guidance.

Former ambassadors U.S. Joseph Cella and Pete Hoekstra have been battling to stop Gotion, a subsidiary of a company with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party, from building a battery plant in Michigan with subsidies from the Biden administration.

“China will easily do a ‘two step’ dance around this ambiguous and permissive ‘two step’ process,” Cella and Hoekstra said.

Joe Biden’s electric vehicle agenda is going to enrich China at the expense of American taxpayers.

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