Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this one disturbing report just surfaced

Joe Biden has gone off the deep end.

He’s pushing the most extreme agenda in American history.

But now Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this one disturbing report just surfaced.

Joe Biden ran for President on a promise to end the use of fossil fuels in America.

On his first day in office, Biden followed through on this promise by issuing a freeze on new drilling permits for oil and gas on federal land.

The move helped spark the energy crisis that sent gas prices to record highs.

Land owned by the federal government in oil-rich western states and in places like the Gulf of Mexico is a major source of America’s oil and gas.

Now, a disturbing new report from The Wall Street Journal revealed the devastating impact of Joe Biden’s war on American energy.

Using data from the Interior Department, which is in charge of oil and gas drilling permits on federal land, the Journal found that Biden has leased the fewest acres of federal land for oil and gas drilling in the past 76 years.

The last time federal acreage was this low was during Harry Truman’s Presidency.

But that was before the federal government owned the oil and gas rights in offshore waters, which makes up the majority of federal land available for leases.

Biden’s Interior Department only issued 126,228 acres of federal land for oil and gas drilling during the last 19 months.

This is far below the number issued by some of the most left-wing Presidents in modern American history.

Former President Barack Obama leased 7.25 million acres for oil and gas drilling, while Bill Clinton leased 9.7 million acres.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s report, no President since Richard Nixon has issued less than 4 million acres through the first year and a half of their term.

American Petroleum Institute Vice President of Upstream Policy, Cole Ramsey, told the Daily Caller that the report was “sobering but unsurprising.”

“This is a sobering but unsurprising look at the headwinds to developing essential American energy,” Ramsey said. “Maintaining a strong federal leasing program is critical for advancing U.S. energy security, strengthening our economy … we urge the Biden administration to take immediate action to hold onshore lease sales and issue a final 5-year program for federal offshore leasing that includes all of the proposed lease sales.”

With drivers feeling unprecedented pain at the pumps, Biden claimed he was doing everything in his power to lower gas prices.

This bombshell report is further proof that his claim was a bold-faced lie.

Joe Biden’s regime is pushing the most radical environmental agenda in American history.

And Americans are paying a steep price for it.

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