Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this open borders scheme was brought to light

Joe Biden is trying to keep the southern border wide open.

But he has some help carrying out this plan.

And Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this open borders scheme was brought to light.

President Joe Biden created the worst border crisis in the country’s history with his radical open borders agenda.

While he was dismantling border security, he received a helping hand from groups outside the government to create the crisis.

Senators Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) are accusing the Biden regime of funneling taxpayer money from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to open borders groups.

Biden created the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) Case Management Pilot Program that provided social services to illegal aliens who made it across the border.

The Republican Senators said that DHS is giving taxpayer money to open borders groups like Church World Service that want to open the floodgates for illegal aliens.

In a letter to top DHS officials, Marshall and Hagerty are asking for information about the Church World Service’s work with the agency and with the ATD pilot program.

“It is appalling, though not surprising from the current administration, that a program designed to augment Alternatives to Detention would be used as a ploy to further leftist ideology instead of enhancing the critical mission tasked to the Department,” the GOP Senators wrote.

Left-wing groups have played a key role in the border crisis by providing legal help and services to illegal aliens on both sides of the border.

“Last year, DHS announced that it was seeking members to serve on the National Board of the Case Management Pilot Program,” the Senators said. “Earlier this year, DHS announced that Church World Service (CWS) would act as the Board’s Secretariat and Fiscal Agent.”

CWS is a non-profit that, under the guise of Christian charity, aids and assists illegal aliens who make it into the country.

“CWS has been at the forefront of pro-open border and anti-enforcement activities for years, going as far as advocating for the diverting of funds away from U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement activities and even ultimately supporting the “Abolish ICE” movement,” the Senators continued. “That organization now has a fiduciary responsibility directly tied to ICE, detention matters, and the immigration enforcement process overall.”

Since CWS is in charge of handing out some of the government contracts under the ATD pilot program, it could send taxpayer money to other open borders activist groups.

“With core beliefs so fervently against the existence of ICE and the enforcement of our laws, we cannot trust that this process will be transparent and that CWS will not simply select solicitations from those that politically and ideologically align with its own warped worldview,” the Senators added. “Departmental leadership is derelict in its duty to allow this blatant conflict to continue unchecked.”

Left-wing non-profits are providing services to illegal aliens and helping transport them around the country once they’re released from DHS custody.

Joe Biden is quietly funneling taxpayer money to open borders groups to advance his radical agenda.

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