Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this stunning America Last betrayal

Joe Biden is an utter disaster as President.

He’s put everyone first but the American people.

Now Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this stunning America Last betrayal.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was one of the biggest foreign policy disasters in American history.

Joe Biden mishandled the situation from beginning to end with a breathtaking display of incompetence.

After the Biden regime’s catastrophic failure, American lives were lost and the country was humiliated on the world stage.

The Taliban retook control of the country with a parting gift left by Joe Biden in billions of dollars of advanced weaponry.

The beleaguered country has been dealing with a humanitarian crisis since the Taliban regained control.

This situation was only compounded when a massive earthquake struck the southeastern part of the country, killing nearly 1,300 people with many more missing.

The earthquake devastated the already crumbling infrastructure in the region.

The Taliban is looking for assistance from the international community to help with their rebuilding efforts.

Now Biden officials are meeting with the Taliban in the middle eastern country of Qatar to discuss relief efforts.

The Washington Post first reported that Biden regime officials are considering unfreezing the Taliban’s central bank reserves to help with the relief efforts.

Billions of dollars in Afghan money and other assets held in American banks have been frozen as a result of sanctions against the Taliban government.

Almost immediately after retaking control, the Taliban started trying to gain access to the nearly $10 billion in frozen money held by the United States and Europe, claiming it’s needed for humanitarian relief.

The corrupt Taliban hasn’t been a trustworthy steward of money or relief that’s been provided to them in the past.

Accusations have been levied against them for using supplies and money intended for humanitarian purposes to enrich themselves and advance their radical Islamic agenda.

Now Joe Biden is looking at potentially handing them a small fortune in the name of humanitarian relief.

This is a stunning America Last betrayal by the Biden regime to potentially hand over money to a group of Islamic terrorists.

Since money is fungible, there’s no guarantee any given to them would actually be used to help the people of the country.

After promising to dissociate with foreign terrorists, the Taliban has been accused of slowly rebuilding its ties to international terrorist groups.

Shortly after they retook control, Osama Bin Laden’s former security chief was spotted in the country surrounded by Taliban security.

Intelligence officials in his own regime have warned that Al-Qaeda or ISIS could be regrouping in Afghanistan with the help of the Taliban.

After giving them billions in weapons, Biden could potentially hand the Taliban money to do who knows what with.

If he was serious about helping, he’d be giving relief in the form of food, medicine, and other needed supplies.

Joe Biden could be setting the country up for his biggest America Last betrayal yet.

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