Joe Biden is fuming after one comment from his past came back to bite him

Joe Biden is desperate to spin any failure of his as a success.

But his big mouth has a way of backfiring.

And now Joe Biden is fuming after one comment from his past came back to bite him.

Inflation is the biggest political problem in the country.

Americans are watching inflation eat away at their paychecks.

While the official inflation rate recently hit yet another 40-year high at 8.6%, the cost of food has skyrocketed far beyond that.

Food’s inflation rate has been in the double digits, with some common foods up nearly 20%.

American’s annual July 4 cookout will be a punch in the gut as a result of Biden’s rampant inflation.

A year ago, Joe Biden thought he was taking a victory lap over inflation during Independence Day.

Last July 1, in a corny social media post from the official White House account, the Biden regime celebrated saving American’s 16-cents for their cookout.

“Planning a cookout this year? Ketchup on the news. According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ is down from last year. It’s a fact you must-hear(d). Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish,” the White House Twitter account posted.

Touting an alleged 16-cents in savings shows how desperate the Biden regime was to find any success to cling to after causing the worst inflation in a generation.

Last summer was when inflation began to take off after Biden’s trillions in wasteful, debt-financed stimulus began to flood the economy.

Now Americans can see just how well the Biden economic plan is working when they shop for their cookouts this year.

The same Farm Bureau that Biden touted a year ago is now saying that Americans can expect to pay $10 more this year for their cookouts, which is up 17% from last year.

“U.S. consumers will pay $69.68 for their favorite Independence Day cookout foods, including cheeseburgers, pork chops, chicken breasts, homemade potato salad, strawberries and ice cream, based on a new American Farm Bureau Federation market basket survey,” the Bureau said in a news release.

Combined with record high gas prices, this is more pain for already hard-hit shoppers.

The Farm Bureau explained that, like shoppers, farmers are also being crushed by Biden’s inflation.

“Despite higher food prices, the supply chain disruptions and inflation have made farm supplies more expensive; like consumers, farmers are price-takers not price-makers,” American Farm Bureau Federation Chief Economist Roger Cryan said.

“Bottom line, in many cases the higher prices farmers are being paid aren’t covering the increase in their farm expenses. The cost of fuel is up and fertilizer prices have tripled,” he explained.

Joe Biden has egg on his face for an absurd victory lap over the cost of an Independence Day cookout.

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