Joe Biden is going to live to regret what Democrats just leaked about Donald Trump

The Democrat Party continues to wage war against Donald Trump.

But the Left crossed a major red line.

And now Joe Biden is going to live to regret what Democrats just leaked about Donald Trump.

With just one week to go until Republicans take power in the House of Representatives, Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee voted to make six years of Donald Trump’s tax returns public.

This vote confirmed that the three year long legal battle Democrats waged was merely about publicly embarrassing Donald Trump and served no legitimate legislative purpose.
Democrats falsely claimed that was not the case.

“This is not about being punitive. This is not about being malicious,” Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal stated.

“This is about the Presidency. Not the President,” Neal added.

“I think people understand the weight of this decision,” California Democrat Jimmy Gomez said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “It’s serious to release tax returns, but this is not based on any individual tax returns. This is the releasing of the tax returns for one of the most powerful individuals anywhere on the globe.”

But Democrats opened Pandora’s box by weaponizing Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee warned that releasing the tax returns of political opponents would now become the norm.

“Going forward, the majority Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee will have nearly unlimited power to target and make public the tax returns of private citizens,” Texas Republican Kevin Brady declared. “And not just private citizens. Political enemies, business, and labor leaders, or even the returns of Supreme Court Justices themselves. No Party in Congress should have that power. No individuals should have that power. It’s a power to embarrass, to harass, or destroy Americans through disclosure of their tax returns.”

The Democrats’ stated concern about if the automatic Presidential audit program properly functioned made no sense.

No one had ever heard of this audit before Donald Trump became President, and no one will care about it again after 2024 where, win, lose, or draw, Donald Trump is done with electoral politics.

Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee will now find themselves under pressure to obtain and release the tax returns for Hunter and James Biden so the American people can examine the true extent to which the Biden family profited by selling access to Joe’s position in elected office.

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