Joe Biden is hiding this damning audio tape that will end his Presidency

Joe Biden’s operated as the most lawless President in recent American history.

Biden’s latest assault on the constitution is a doozy.

And Joe Biden is hiding this damning audio tape that will end his Presidency.

Biden White House admits it doctored evidence 

House Republicans, outside watchdogs, and the media are all pushing the White House to release the audio tape of Joe Biden’s interviews with special counsel Robert Hur.

Hur interviewed Biden on October 8 and 9 of last year.

This interview – where Biden forgot what year his son Beau passed away and couldn’t recall which years he served as Vice President – led Hur to conclude he couldn’t press charges against Biden because Biden was too mentally enfeebled to stand trial.

After much foot-dragging, the Department of Justice released a transcript of the interview.

The Justice Department refused to release the audio on the grounds that it would hurt Joe Biden politically.

House Republicans wanted the audio.

So did outside actors.

Judicial Watch revealed in a court filing that the Department of Justice also claimed it couldn’t release the audio because it would provide fodder for AI deep fakes – as if no other clips of Joe Biden speaking in public exist.

“Judicial Watch announced that the White House admitted in a federal court that the transcript of President Joe Biden’s testimony to Special Counsel Robert Hur is not accurate and is missing ‘filler words (such as ‘um’ or ‘uh’)’ and words that ‘may have been repeated when spoken (such as ‘I, I’ or ‘and, and’)’ which were sometimes ‘only listed a single time in the transcripts,’” the filing began.

“In its new filing the Biden Justice Department makes the extraordinary assertions of executive privilege and privacy to hide the Biden audio. The agency makes the unprecedented assertion that because ‘AI’ could be used to alter Biden’s words the material should be kept secret,” the filing continued.

The real reason the DOJ is suppressing the audio

Judicial Watch revealed that the transcript the Justice Department revealed is not an accurate recounting of the interview.

According to Judicial Watch’s filing, the Justice Department edited the transcript to make Joe Biden try and sound coherent.

Special Counsel Hur’s report that a jury would never convict Biden because the jurors would see Biden as a senile old man forced Democrats to confront the fact that polls show as many as 86 percent of Americans think Biden is too old to be President as the main topic of conversation in the 2024 election.

The tape of a doddering Biden losing his train of thought and stumbling around for answers is political dynamite.

Tapes – audio or video – land differently with the public as they are something tangible the public can wrap their arms around.

Biden’s underlings at the Department of Justice understand how this tape will play if it ever sees the light of day.

And so the Department of Justice would rather admit in court it’s operating out of political concerns to defy the rule of law rather than give the American people an unvarnished look at Joe Biden’s actual cognitive state. 

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