Joe Biden is in hot water after a leading Republican called out this colossal blunder

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been an absolute disaster for the country.

But his latest slip-up is turning heads.

And now Joe Biden is in hot water after a leading Republican called out this colossal blunder.

Soaring gas prices have become one of the biggest political problems facing Joe Biden’s beleaguered Presidency.

Instead of unleashing American energy to bring down prices, Biden has turned to using gimmicks to try and save his bacon.

One of those gimmicks is releasing millions of barrels of oil from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a stockpile of oil held by the government to keep the country’s energy supply going in the event of major disruptions.

In releasing oil from the reserve, eyebrows were raised after one-million barrels that were intended to lower American gas prices were sold to a company connected to the communist Chinese government.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of oil were sold to Unipec, the United States subsidiary of the Chinese state-run oil company Sinopec.

Hunter Biden previously inked a deal worth millions of dollars with Sinopec through a private equity firm he co-founded called BHR Partners.

Despite claims that Hunter cut his ties to BHR Partners in 2021, corporate records discovered in China indicate he’s still invested in the company.

Selling oil to a Chinese government owned company with financial ties to Hunter Biden is raising major red flags.

Congressman Ralph Norman is blowing the whistle on this shady deal and claiming that it could be “unlawful activity.”

The deal could raise serious concerns about being an “unethical and potentially illegal abuse of the powers of the office of the President of the United States.”

In a letter to Biden, Norman is demanding more answers from the regime about the nature of this shady deal.

Hunter’s connection to Sinopec was also called out by the Republican lawmaker.

“Sadly, the allegations about Hunter’s self-profiting did not come as a surprise to many of us as we have grown to expect seeing reports of nepotism within this administration,” Norman wrote.

He cited allegations that Hunter has been profiting off Joe’s political connections, such as “Hunter traveling on Air Force Two to China, when his father was Vice President, to broker a multimillion-dollar business deal with Chinese corporations.”

“If the allegations before us now are true, the American people deserve to know whether or not their President directly participated and benefited from any and all unethical actions,” Norman continued.

Norman described the allegations around the oil sale as “severely unsettling, and if true, may even constitute an impeachable offense under the ‘bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors’ clause of Article 2 of the Constitution.”

The double standard of how President Trump’s children were treated by the corporate-controlled media compared to Hunter Biden is appalling.

“If Hunter Biden were instead Hunter Trump, every media outlet across this nation would be screaming non-stop about his shady dealings,” Norman told The Epoch Times.

Joe Biden could have another major scandal brewing from his jaw-dropping decision to sell out the country to China.

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