Joe Biden is in hot water after news of this bombshell report just broke

Joe Biden has been a catastrophe for the country.

His worst critics didn’t think it could possibly be this bad.

And Joe Biden is in hot water after news of this bombshell report just broke.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media’s obsession with COVID let a massive emergency slip under the radar.

Fentanyl is one of the biggest crises facing the country.

The synthetic opioid is a lethal drug whose use is skyrocketing.

It’s fifty times more powerful than heroin and is the deadliest drug in the country.

Overdoses of fentanyl are the number one cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45, surpassing COVID, cancer, and car crashes.

The number of fentanyl deaths in the country doubled in two years to over 64,000.

Fentanyl is typically produced in Mexico by cartels with ingredients from Wuhan, China, before it’s smuggled across the border.

Biden’s open border policies have been a disaster for law enforcement trying to stop the flow of fentanyl.

New numbers show what a catastrophe the Biden regime has unleashed on Americans.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) operating in South Texas reported that fentanyl seizures are up an eye-popping 1,006% during the 2021 fiscal year.

Fentanyl seizures are now at the highest level ever recorded.

The data came from eight ports of entry in Texas, from Brownsville to Del Rio, which is a little over half of the state’s border with Mexico.

CBP agents seized and confiscated an estimated 588 pounds of fentanyl.

A quarter of a milligram of fentanyl is enough to kill one person.

That means the amount seized would be enough to kill every living person in Texas, Florida, California, and New York.

In the El Paso section of the border, CBP reported a 4,000% increase over the past three years in seizures.

Biden’s open border policies are another part of his pro-crime approach to confronting the fentanyl crisis.

Earlier, he proposed dropping mandatory penalties for fentanyl traffickers based on quantity.

Fortunately for Americans, while the Biden regime avoids securing the border to stop the flow of drugs, Republican Governors are stepping up.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has used the Texas National Guard and state law enforcement to help secure the border.

Construction has also started in Texas on a state-funded border wall.

As the country turns the corner on the COVID pandemic, the spotlight on Biden’s role in the fentanyl crisis is only going to grow. 

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