Joe Biden is panicking after the cat was let out of the bag on this huge problem

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Joe Biden is trying to pull a fast one on the public.

One cover-up is starting to unravel.

And Joe Biden is panicking after the cat was let out of the bag on this huge problem.

The classified document scandal involving President Joe Biden is bigger than the White House and their media allies are letting on.

The scandal is growing after the release of emails that potentially identified another location the President kept stolen classified documents.

Newly-released emails from the National Archives revealed that the federal agency wrote attorneys for Biden about a batch of documents in Boston, Massachusetts.

Biden’s attorneys were asked to secure documents in Boston on November 7 last year, one day before the Midterm elections.

“Please ensure that the boxes in your office in Boston remain secure in a locked space and are not accessed by anyone,” National Archives official Gary Stern emailed Patrick Moore and Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal attorneys.

That was five days after the first batch of classified documents were found stashed in the closet of the Penn Biden Center, the President’s Chinese funded think tank, on November 2.

Patrick Moore took the documents from the Penn Biden Center back to his Boston office for unexplained reasons.

CNN reported that the documents sent to Boston weren’t believed to be classified but the instructions from the National Archives to secure the documents is raising serious questions.

On November 8, Gary Stern emailed the two Biden attorneys, “we would like to pick up the boxes that are in your Boston office and move them to the JFK Library. Would it be possible to do that tomorrow?”

“Yes, it would. I will still be in DC, so I will link you with my colleague [redacted], with whom you may have dealt in the past on other matters related to the Kennedy archives,” Moore emailed back.

Documents were taken from the Penn Biden Center by Biden’s personal attorney back to Boston that the National Archives wanted back quickly after the discovery of the first batch of classified documents.

After another front opened up in the classified document scandal, the White House was tight-lipped.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that she didn’t know anything about the Boston documents and passed questions on to the White House counsel’s office spokesman Ian Sams, who didn’t respond for comment.

The White House is pushing the narrative that Biden is being completely transparent about his classified document scandal.

The emails from the National Archives are more confirmation that Biden is playing damage control by covering up the extent of the scandal.

Biden sat on the news that the first and second batch of classified documents were found.

After Karine Jean-Pierre claimed the search for classified documents was complete, more were found in the President’s Delaware home.

Joe Biden’s classified document scandal is a major problem for the embattled President that he won’t be able to sweep under the rug.

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