Joe Biden is panicking over this bad problem upending his plans for 2024

Joe Biden’s political career is hanging by a thread.

Now he’s working overtime to stop what could be the final nail in his coffin. 

And Joe Biden is panicking over this bad problem upending his plans for 2024. 

Joe Biden is desperate to keep gas prices under control 

President Joe Biden has gone into full-on damage control mode to keep his struggling re-election campaign afloat.

Gas prices hit record highs in the summer of 2022 after he declared war on American production.

The cost of living has become the top issue for voters this election cycle, and that’s bad news for Biden.

Another summer of high gas prices could help deal a fatal blow to his re-election chances.

Signs with high gas prices are a visible, public reminder to voters of his failure to keep costs under control.

That’s why he’s going to extraordinary lengths to try and keep gas prices down without expanding energy production.

Biden talks tough against hostile countries like Russia in public.

But behind the scenes, something else is happening. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration is backing off sanctions against the oil industries of Russia, Iran, and Venezuela to keep the oil pumping and gas prices down in an election year.

“The President has wanted to do everything that he could to make sure that American consumers have the lowest price possible at the pump, as it affects families’ daily lives,” a senior administration official told the Journal.

Iran has increased foreign oil exports since Biden entered the White House despite international tensions over their proxy groups like Hamas and the Houthis. 

Biden rants and raves about Russia in public after the war in Ukraine broke out in 2022.

But his Treasury Department excluded the country’s oil industry from sanctions.

Venezuela saw sanctions on its oil industry rolled back by the Biden administration that were placed on the country because of its socialist dictator.

Rapidan Energy Group President Bob McNally – a White House official for former President George W. Bush – said that Biden is motivated to save his bacon. 

“Nothing terrifies an American President more than a gasoline-pump price spike,” McNally said. “They will go to great lengths to prevent this, especially in an election year.”

Biden administration dumping oil from reserves 

Giving foreign adversaries a free pass is only one part of the Biden administration’s strategy to keep oil prices under control.

In 2022, they tapped record amounts of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to try to keep prices under control ahead of that year’s Midterm Elections.

Now the SPR – which is meant for an emergency – is at its lowest level since 1984.

And it’s getting tapped again to try to help the President out in an election year.

A million barrels of oil were released from the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve ahead of Memorial Day in a move that administration officials admitted was about lowering prices during the busy summer travel season.

Biden officials have vowed that they’re willing to tap the SPR again ahead of the election to keep prices down.

The White House is trying to drag Joe Biden across the finish by hook or by crook this year. 

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