Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a bombshell report exposed this massive failure

Joe Biden’s regime is on its way to becoming one of the worst Presidencies of all time.

Biden is desperate to try and cover up his failures.

But Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a bombshell report exposed this massive failure.

Joe Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of the greatest foreign policy disasters the country has ever witnessed.

Biden botched the whole operation from beginning to end, leaving America’s enemies emboldened by his incompetence.

While more current Biden blunders are dominating the news, the public is still demanding answers about the tragedy in Afghanistan.

And a leading Republican is exposing Biden’s incompetence in a new report.

Idaho Senator Jim Risch, the ranking Republican on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, dropped a scathing 148-page report detailing Biden’s failures.

The report blasts the regime for its disastrous planning and for the damage done to America on the world stage.

“While there is substantial disagreement about the policy to leave Afghanistan, Americans share outrage over how the United States withdrew last August, and what that failure has done to America’s standing in the world,” Senator Risch said.

Risch’s report argues that Biden “ignored numerous intelligence reports about the potential for a speedy Taliban takeover of Kabul, decided to abandon Bagram Air Base, disregarded dissent cables from the State Department (State), failed to plan an evacuation until it was too late, and in the process, abandoned tens of thousands of Afghan partners.”

One of the most damning pieces of evidence involves the regime’s planning for the collapse of the Afghan government.

According to the report, Biden ignored intelligence on the ground that the situation was collapsing as the withdrawal began.

Biden was so unprepared that the National Security Council didn’t convene to discuss the withdrawal until the day Kabul fell on August 14, 2021.

With the fall of the Afghan government likely, there was no planning to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies.

The report found that “there is no record provided that the DC met any time before August 14 to begin discussions on safe and orderly relocations out of Afghanistan.”

The most terrifying news contained in the report is that Bagram Air Force Base, home to a major American prison, was abandoned and senior members of Al Qaeda were freed.

This report confirms an earlier bombshell from Axios where leaked documents showed the regime scrambling to figure out what to do as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

While Biden and top aides involved in the catastrophe have escaped responsibility thus far, that could soon change.

With Republicans expected to retake control of Congress this November, Biden could face a Republican-led investigation to get to the bottom of this tragic failure.

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