Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a judge made this shocking prediction

Joe Biden is an absolute catastrophe for the country.

His biggest disaster is on the way.

And Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a judge made this shocking prediction.

The worst border crisis in the history of the country is unfolding from President Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

A ruling from a federal judge appointed by former President Bill Clinton in Washington state blocked the use of Title 42.

The judge’s ruling ordered the Biden regime to end the use of Title 42 on December 21.

Title 42 is a public health order invoked by former President Donald Trump that gave federal authorities the ability to quickly deport illegal aliens to protect the country from the pandemic.

It is one of Trump’s last successful border security policies left in place.

With Title 42 set to expire, the Biblical flood of illegal aliens pouring across the border could turn into a tsunami.

Andrew Arthur is a former federal immigration judge who now works as a resident fellow in law and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies.

He predicted that the end of Title 42 would nearly double the number of illegal aliens entering the country and cause complete chaos at the border.

“If Title 42 ends,” Arthur said, “DHS (Department of Homeland Security) expects up to 18,000 illegal entrants per day to pour over the Southwest border.”

There are currently only 17,000 Border Patrol agents on the nearly 2,000-mile border between the United States and Mexico.

“That would be a 173% increase over October’s dismal numbers, and would effectively end any hope of controlling the border,” Arthur continued. “In fact, it would end the border as any sort of boundary at all.”

Last month, the Border Patrol encountered 230,000 illegal aliens at the southern border.

When Title 42 expires, that number could jump to nearly 500,000 illegal aliens if the former judge’s prediction holds true.

That would be roughly the equivalent of the population of Atlanta coming across the border each month.

Arthur said that Title 42 would force the Biden regime to make a choice on the border.

“Biden and Congress now have to make a choice: Do they want the catastrophe unfolding at the Southwest border — which in the words of the FBI director is ‘contribut[ing] to the violent crime crisis here’ — to continue, or do they want to enforce the law and make it stop?” Arthur explained.

Biden’s own Department of Homeland Security warned that Title 42 expiring would create a “mass migration event.”

Title 42 expiring is going to cause Joe Biden’s border crisis to spiral out of control.

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