Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a leading Republican said these four words

Joe Biden’s life is a nightmare.

But his problems are about to get much worse.

And now Joe Biden is sweating bullets after a leading Republican said these four words.

Hunter Biden’s numerous scandals are beginning to boil over.

Even the corporate-controlled media is starting to reluctantly report on them.

Senator Chuck Grassley, along with Ron Johnson, is leading the Republican Senate investigation into Hunter Biden’s scandals.

They’ve brought numerous stories about Hunter’s corrupt foreign business dealings to light.

Grassley produced a bank receipt that confirmed Hunter was paid $100,000 by CEFC China Energy.

CEFC was one of the biggest companies in China with deep ties to the Communist government.

The company collapsed after it was involved in a corruption scandal for bribing African officials to set up an oil deal.

On a Fox News appearance, Grassley raised a serious question about Joe Biden.

Host Jesse Waters asked him, “Do you have evidence, Senator, that would lead you to believe that Joe is potentially compromised by the Chinese?”

Grassley responded, “I only have enough evidence that that’s a legitimate question. I do not have evidence that goes as far as you would like to have me say it goes. If I could say it, I would say it.”

This is an absolute bombshell statement from Grassley.

At 88-years-old, he’s one of the elder statesmen of the Senate.

As an establishment figure, he’s not prone to making bombastic statements.

For Grassley to say “that’s a legitimate question” is damning for Biden.

Grassley and Joe Biden served in the Senate for decades together.

Grassley went on to detail the evidence he had on Hunter Biden’s corruption.

“What we do know is that Hunter Biden has had arrangements with Chinese business people, the CEFC Corporation, it’s an energy company, those Chinese business people had connections to the military and the Chinese Communist Party,” Grassley remarked.

“We know that they received $5 million one time. James received $1 million one time. Then we got all sorts of bank records saying on a regular order that $100,000 for many months to Hunter Biden, $ 65,000 to James Biden,” he added.

“And then it raises the question. Does this compromise the national security of the United States? Do they have enough on them to get something out of a President of the United States? I can’t answer that question,” he concluded.

Grassley even suggesting that it’s possible Joe Biden is compromised by the Chinese is shocking.

This is a problem that isn’t going away for the President.

Now that the corporate-controlled media is covering the story, he won’t be able to sweep it under the rug.

But this could be just the beginning of Grassley’s investigation into Hunter’s foreign business connections.

With Republicans in a strong position to retake control of the Senate, the Grassley investigation could ramp up.

The growing Hunter scandal is going to be a massive political headache for Joe that he can’t afford.

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