Joe Biden is sweating bullets after his link to this massive scandal was exposed

Joe Biden spent his 50-year political career as a creature of the Swamp.

He’s been knee-deep in shady dealings for decades.

And Joe Biden is sweating bullets after his link to this massive scandal was exposed.

All hell is breaking loose after Special Counsel John Durham exposed that Hillary Clinton spied on President Trump during the 2016 campaign and after he took office.

At the center of this scandal is Rodney Joffe, who was the Chief Technology Officer for Neustar Information Services.

Neustar Information Services was a contractor that provided IT services to the White House.

Joffe is alleged to have exploited his position to snoop on Internet traffic coming out of the White House by looking for dirt on Trump.

Joffe also spied on the Internet traffic at Trump Tower and Donald Trump’s apartment building.

Joffe later turned this computer data over to Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, who then turned it over to the CIA to jump-start the Russian collusion hoax.

Sussmann has been charged by Durham for lying to the FBI.

And now an eyebrow-raising tie between Joe Biden and Joffe has come to light.

According to campaign finance records, Biden’s Presidential campaign paid $20,000 to Neustar for “accounting and compliance.”

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign was the only other Presidential campaign to ever hire the company.

Neustar executives and employees gave $17,906 to Biden’s Presidential campaign.

Joffe had deep ties to the Clinton campaign and was an executive at Neustar until his retirement last year.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that his efforts against Trump were part of an attempt to curry favor with Clinton for a job in her potential White House.

Could Biden have paid Neustar to continue their spying on Trump during the 2020 campaign?

With the Russia-Collusion hoax pulling in Clinton, the question remains what other high-profile Democrats pushed this phony scandal.

Eyebrows can certainly be raised at Biden joining Hillary’s campaign as the two only Presidential campaigns to hire a company now at the center of the Durham investigation.

Joffe’s ill-gotten information could certainly have been of use for the Biden campaign.

Questions are also being raised about why Biden paid a telecommunications company for political compliance work.

Specialized compliance work isn’t normally the work of a company like Neustar.

With questions lingering around Biden’s connection to the Russian collusion hoax, Durham could potentially have a new avenue to investigate.

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