Joe Biden is sweating bullets after one shocking cover up was exposed

Joe Biden has unleashed a series of unimaginable disasters on the country.

He was hoping one major failure would never be brought to light.

Now Joe Biden is sweating bullets after one shocking cover up was exposed.

The border crisis is one of the biggest disasters of Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

Every state is effectively a border state, as criminal illegal aliens and deadly drugs like fentanyl wreak havoc in every corner of the country.

With the Midterm elections fast approaching, the Biden border crisis is becoming a major political liability for Democrats.

Now, the shocking extent that the Biden regime is willing to go to cover up the border crisis and protect Democrats was exposed.

El Paso, Texas, sits directly on the southern border across from the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez.

Thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into the El Paso area every day with the help of Mexican drug cartels.

With El Paso being overwhelmed by the invasion, three city council members asked Democrat Mayor Oscar Leeser to declare a state of emergency over the border crisis.

Even though the city spent at least $8 million dealing with illegal aliens, it only received $2 million in federal money to help with the influx.

Local website,, reported that the city was spending up to $300,000 a day to “shelter, feed, and transport” illegal aliens.

If Mayor Leeser declared a state of emergency, the city would have likely received “state and federal funding to open additional shelters for housing migrants.”

According to El Paso Councilmember Claudia Rodriguez, the Biden regime pressured Leeser not to declare a state of emergency.

During a phone call with regime officials last month, Leeser told Rodriguez that they ordered the Democrat Mayor not to make the declaration.

“He told me the White House asked him not to,” Councilmember Rodriguez said.

Mayor Leeser tried to reassure Rodriguez by telling her that he’d issue the declaration “if things got worse.”

According to one Texas Republican, this shady behavior by the Biden regime is par for the course for dealing with local governments in border towns.

Tony Gonzales (R-TX) represents a district that covers a large portion that stretches into the border towns near El Paso.

He told the New York Post that he heard similar stories from other local government officials in border towns.

“It is a sleight of hand what the administration is doing — pressuring the local government to not issue a declaration of emergency, to say as if everything is going OK,” Gonzalez said.

He said that the regime is doing “the same thing in other parts of my district,” which includes border cities being flooded with illegal aliens.

The Biden regime put the screws to El Paso’s Mayor to prevent him from making the President look bad by declaring a state of emergency.

Biden wants the border crisis out of the news to protect Democrats from the issue during campaign season.

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