Joe Biden is sweating bullets after the military sounded the alarm on this major problem

Joe Biden is the weakest American President since Jimmy Carter.

The nation’s enemies are trying to capitalize on his feeble leadership.

Now Joe Biden is sweating bullets after the military sounded the alarm on this major problem.

The Chinese government is quietly building influence and power throughout the world with its growing economic strength.

Soft power, or the use of indirect, non-military influence, is allowing the Chinese to make major inroads in countries beneath the radar.

Chinese businesses and individuals are on a buying spree of properties throughout the United States.

These seemingly harmless purchases could pose a grave risk to the country’s national security.

The Fufeng Group, a Chinese food manufacturer, bought 370 acres of farmland to build a $700 million corn milling plant near Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The planned facility would be 12 miles from Grand Forks Air Force Base, a key base for air and space operations for the military.

Now, the United States Air Force is warning that the Fufeng Group setting up shop near the base poses “a significant threat to national security.”

Andrew Hunter, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, warned Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) in a letter about the potential Chinese-run plant.

“The proposed project presents a significant threat to national security with both near and long-term risks of significant impacts to our operations in the area,” Hunter wrote.

Hoeven requested the Air Force’s opinion of the “national security implications” of the Fufeng Group’s planned facility.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an inter-agency government committee made up of President Joe Biden’s cabinet officials who assess the national security risks posed by foreign investments in the United States.

Hunter implied that CFIUS dropped the ball on the decision to allow a Chinese company to operate near a key Air Force base.

“While CFIUS concluded that it did not have jurisdiction, the [Air Force] Department’s view is unambiguous,” Hunter said.

Hoeven and North Dakota’s other Republican Senator, Kevin Cramer, issued a statement expressing their concern over the Chinese purchase.

“City leaders have asked for clarity from leaders in the federal government regarding the Fufeng project,” the Senators wrote. “As we have recommended, we believe the city should discontinue the Fufeng project and instead we should work together to find an American company to develop the agriculture project.”

Grand Forks Republican Mayor Brandon Bochenski said the city would attempt to halt the project after Joe Biden dropped the ball.

“The response from the Federal Government during this process can only be viewed as slow and contradictory,” Bochensk said. “As Mayor of the City of Grand Forks, I am requesting these remedies be undertaken and the project be stopped, pending City Council approval.”

The project could potentially be used to launch an espionage operation against the Air Force base.

Joe Biden’s incompetence is empowering the Chinese to use the free market system against the United States.

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