Joe Biden just admitted he was telling this giant lie about Donald Trump

Joe Biden is best known for being a gaffe-prone politician.

That’s why his handlers keep him hidden away in the basement of his Delaware house.

But things just got worse for the Democrats when Joe Biden just admitted he was telling this giant lie about Donald Trump.

Joe Biden wants to make this election a referendum on Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

But even Joe Biden can mess up that simple script.

Instead, Biden put the focus on himself with a disastrous interview with CBS 5 in Arizona where Biden contradicted his own plan to fight the coronavirus.

In the interview, Biden said he would not pursue a nationwide mask mandate because it was unconstitutional.

But just three weeks ago, the Biden campaign launched a $44 million ad blitz promoting Biden’s plan for a nationwide mask mandate.

Joe Biden wants to keep the focus on Donald Trump.

If the attention shifts to Joe Biden, Americans will scrutinize his record and obvious deficiencies and come to the conclusion he is not fit to serve as President.

Biden may not know he previously supported a nationwide mask mandate.

That would not surprise anyone given Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.

It also speaks to the dishonesty of the attacks on President Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

In Biden’s TV ad, he attacks the President for not issuing a nationwide mask mandate as a failure to lead.

But that is a position Biden now admits is unconstitutional.

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