Joe Biden just announced one big change about his running mate

Joe Biden is about to make the most consequential running mate decision in modern American history.

The pick could go a long way to deciding the election.

Now Joe Biden just announced one big change about his running mate.

Joe Biden previously promised to make his selection of a running mate by August 1.

But in a recent chat with supporters in the Fake News Media, Biden revealed that he would no longer stick to that deadline.

“I can’t guarantee you August 1, but it will be in early August before, several weeks before the convention, I believe,” Biden told his admirers in the Fake News Media.

Biden is taking his time with running mate choice for good reason.

A Zogby Analytics poll found 55 percent of Americans thought Biden suffered from early onset of dementia.

Whoever Biden picks as his running mate will be the real power in the administration.

Biden is serving as an appealing figurehead so the Democrats can oust Trump and put in place a socialist revolution to fundamentally transform America.

The former Vice President’s handlers – who are really the ones making this decision – are taking their time to make sure they get this selection exactly right.

If the Left wins this election, they will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court and granting themselves a permanent Senate majority by adding Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. as states as well as gifting themselves 20 million new voters through a mass amnesty program.

Democrats have to make sure they get this Vice Presidential pick right because not only will this person be running the country during Biden’s one term in office, but will lead the party in 2024 and 2028.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Our best bet as Republican Conservatives is to organize “Resistance Cells” just in case the Marxists CHEAT a win this time. I know folks across America, who have, with the aid of their Local Law Enforcement, done this. Law Enforcement will provide Radio Communications,Codes and Firearms and Munitions to the automatically Deputized, qualifying County Citizens. IF the Marxist DemonRATS attempt to illegally use National Guard Troops to Cement any stolen Victory, they WILL be met with American Fire and Iron. Remember: WE outnumber them by an incredible margin. The Marxists’ Anger and Bluster is from their FEAR of US…Remember: an EMPTY garbage can makes the loudest racket…

  2. Joe “higher taxes matter” Biden couldn’t organize nor lead a 1 car funeral procession!

    GO – TRUMP – PET


  5. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!! Let’s get to the polls with a nice BIG Red Wave!! Come together people!!

  6. Only ignorant deplorable commies will vote dumber crats. I do believe Americans are not as stupid as the communists want us to think. But then again, America has fallen from grace. Americans, especially those who can think for themselves see between the lines will vote TRUMP. GOD be with us.

  7. Whom ever he picks will make him look like a conservative by comparison and would be de facto president should Joe Buffoon manage to steal the election.

  8. The only way Trump can win is for Republicans to go to the polls. Each Republican should mentor 20 more Republicans and help them get to the polls.

  9. Didn’t someone send a prosecutor working on the Hunter Biden debacles in Ukraine $6 million to drop the case? The media immediately hushed it up so we don’t know what/if anyone is investigating. Probably not.

  10. Jim Jackson it doesn’t matter if Jill is retard joe’s wife or sister. He probably has a three way with them.

  11. Watch out for “Big Dong” Michelle. Two months after the inauguration, Biden gets put down, and “Baboon balls” steps in and makes history….first female President and first “chocolate” female President. It’s a 2 for 1.
    But it ain’t gonna happen…the “Trumpeter” will PREVAIL….

  12. biden is mentally incompetent and his vp choice will step in very soon if they can cheat him into office. I daily pray asking God to protect We the People from the satanic devildemocommiecrats.

  13. God help us all if Joe Biden wins in November. The only way we, the true patriots of the United States, will survive this insane madness is to get out vote for Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans. This is the most important vote of our lives, folks. Do not give in to the lunacy words of Joe Biden and the left. Their words are totally empty and they lie worse than Hillary Clinton ever did. Please do not award the lefties with power this coming November because if you do, I promise you will live to regret it.

  14. I have said before and will repeat: Whoever “They” tell Biden to take for Vice President, will be the person the left actually wants as President. If, God forbid, they ever get Biden elected, I predict that within months, if not weeks, he will be ousted for “Medical” reasons. Remember this prediction when it comes true. If Kamala Harris , or Lizzy Warren become VP, that person will be your President, and this country will doomed. Look for the Democrats to lie, cheat and steal to win the election.

  15. No other President wii do, it has to be OurPresident Trump, we’ll be safe at least until then. Some shred of hope for us. He will be great one for us to try and get back to living a half decent life again. No other way will work. Please don’t waste your precious vote for a filth democrat again. These last four years has made us all nervous wrecks don’t deny it! It will only et worse to impossible for everybody. If you don’t like Trump or his personality, that’s dumb because he really has done a great job for our country! Think about it, what’s turning into communism couldn’t be what anyone wants for the USA. Why would anyone want that? Here we are so many months later into this coronavirus virus and we can see nothing is better but is worse according to our dumb doctor Fauci. He’s changed his mind 14 times already, and still has no idea what is going on. He wants us to take the governor’s advice in each state to make the rules according to him. How dumb is that? Mask, etc. make no sense now, nor is anything the democrats are saying or doing as far as anything goes right now. We all know where we are headed now, down the red brick road to nowhere. So vote Trump 2020 no matter who you are if you want to live in America. If Biden gets in there will be no choices next election and you’ll be stuck where we are now only way way worse. GOODBYE AMERICA!

  16. If CREEPY JOE was to win , he’s not going to be in control . The DNC , Pelosi and Schumer are the ones who is going to pick V.P ,,, because they know CRAZY JOE will be in the basement someplace and they’re going to want someone that THEY can control . So basically , a vote for Biden , is really voting to give all control to Pelosi and Schumer

  17. Robert he’s going to pick a jungle bunny. And if he picks killery the monkeys in the zoo would be pissed off.

  18. Sleepy Joe Biden is going to pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate.It is going to be the 2016 election all over again.

  19. Susan Dudak, the 25th Amendment is there for a time such as Joe getting in, the President is found incompetent to run the country and is to be replaced by the VP. If the country votes for Joe… within a very short period of time he will be replaced by VP – and believe me THE DEMOCRATS KNOW THIS!

  20. Everyone of the jive ass picks from Kamel Toe Hairyass to Moochelle are a danger to the survival of America and need to be dispatched with a rope.

  21. Should the senile pedophile rapist win the election on the basis of fraudulent mail-in ballots from Oaxaca and Tegucigalpa, whichever mouthy black militant is picked by Soros will be the first president to be driven from office by a white Christian English-speaking heterosexual nationalist revolution. Viva Franco! Viva Pinochet!

  22. We all know that it will be Micheal Obama, because the one that used to be No1 wants to be No 3.

  23. President Trump is not the most likeable guy, but he really has done a good job. He has been the only President that has stopped the give-away of American taxpayers money. He has my vote again !

  24. If you love GOD you still believe in Jesus Christ. Then you will NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT! Who else is turning their back on GOD? Who else is breaking the TEN COMMANDMENT RULE? Who else SUPPORT terrorist? I could go on but it not my place to say! Because I’m not the one you will answer to on judgement day! There is NOT a DEMOCRAT who is following the Ten commandments God laydown for us to follow! You might not like TRUMP but just remember one thing. How many other republican has stood up to the evil Democrat? So to bring us back to some self respect for each other and not the corruption Democrat. VOTE TRUMP IN 2020!

  25. Joe Biden is a puppet!!! In the last nano second the Dems May do a switcharoo to usher in their CHOSEN AVATAR saying that Biden is incapable or it will br Michelle Obama as His VP to have 16 more years of Good old Barak… the back door way!!!!! Let’s hope and pray President wins the reelection and prove those who are working 24/7 to derail the elections wrong….. USA vote Trump:Pence for 2020!!!

  26. I really believe that he will nominate Joe Biden as his running mate since he already has experience being a vice president. While looking at himself in a mirror and speaking to himself.

  27. It is disgusting what the rotten Demo-rats are doing to poor ole’ Joe. He is obviously “GONE”. He was never that bright in his prime and has been on the wrong side of history throughout is undistinguished career. The poor old man is being used by the leftist. He doesn’t even know what day of the week it is or the difference between his sister and his wife. How shameless can the Demo-rats be? Leave the ole ‘ geezer alone.

  28. Hajji the troll(aka Vasu) still posting repetitive crap & getting payed. I guess it’s better than milking a Brahma bull, of course Joe may disagree with that…

  29. Biden is just one of many reprobate-thinking liberals but perhaps the only one that needs instructions for use on a toilet paper roll! Piglosi and her crew of degenerates, that have never done anything credible in their entire unfortunate realm of politics except be incredible liars and truth-twisters, will take this country down to nothing if that jerk-ball Biden is ever elected and they take total control.

  30. Vasu you posted as being a woman. Go let joe play a little stink finger and he might pick you.

  31. Creepy corrupt joe biden. his running mate if he is elected will be 47, Joe will die of exhaustion within six months leaving the running mate in charge and peeloosi as the V.P….. Ugh what a thought, Joe, Then 47, then Peeloosi. we gotta block this sham, by voting for Trump 2020….

  32. Joe Biden wants to appear pro-woman by saying he’ll select a woman as his running mate. If the Tara Reade scandal persists, Joe Biden might be forced to choose Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate, as Gretchen Whitmer, a victim of sexual assault herself, has stood by Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden is a traditional liberal Democrat. To balance the ticket, the running mate should be a moderate or conservative Democrat: a pro-life Democrat like Katrina Jackson. Amy Klobuchar, a Midwest moderate, would have been perfect, as she says there’s room in the Party for pro-life Democrats.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  33. Joe Biden will NEVER be President of the United States of America! Be prepared to see Donald J Trump, once again, elected to bring us back to where we were BEFORE the pandemic, as NOBODY else can! C’mon now, if you can’t see how confused and bewildered Biden is most of the time, maybe YOU’RE the one suffering with dementia! Please, be honest with yourself and ask “do I really want Joe’s finger on the button”?

  34. Wouldn’t want anyone Joe ir probably his handlers picked. I won’t vote for him any way.

  35. Listen, even if you don’t like Trump, vote for him anyway. Biden is just not mentally capable and even if I did like him, I want whomever I vote for to be running the show, not a VP who still hasn’t even been picked yet. In four years, Trump will be out of your lives forever and you can move on picking whomever you want. I say that because I detested Obama. But, I put up with him for 8 years knowing that eventually he would be gone…and he was. Now Biden has already committed to the fact that he will not seek relection in 2024, which tells me he is only being used as a tool to get rid of Trump but at a big price – this country will have to suffer under an altzheimers president for four years which could do a lot of damage. Just offering some advice. If I could do it, you can too.

  36. Trump should pack the Supreme Court while he is still president. I’m sure he will get reelected but just to be safe. And anyone running with Biden is just as loony as he is.

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