Joe Biden just committed career suicide with one answer during a TV interview

Joe Biden is a gaffe machine.

But some Democrats think he is their strongest challenger against Donald Trump in 2020.

That all went out the window when Biden made the biggest mistake of his life.

Democrats reject the idea that voter fraud exists.

Joe Biden parroted this fake news in an interview with CBS.

Breitbart reports:

Thursday on “CBS This Morning,” former Vice President Joe Biden dismissed the notion that voter fraud was a problem in the United States.

Biden told co-host Norah O’Donnell in an interview that efforts to combat voter fraud were nothing more than an attempt to suppress the vote and when asked if he thought there was a “voter suppression” effort underway.

“Absolutely,” he replied. “I don’t know the exact number, but somewhere in the order of 77, in the last couple of years, pieces of legislation have been introduced in state legislatures to restrict the right to vote. We should have automatic registration. We should have it allowing everybody to vote.”

“My generic point is there is no evidence in all of the studies done of widespread voter fraud of that being a central problem in the American electoral process,” Biden added. “It’s just not true.”

Not only did Biden reject the objective fact and shared truth that voter fraud exists, he claimed voter ID laws were racist against minorities.

Breitbart also reports:

“Absolutely, positively — without question,” he added. “It continues. It is one of the reasons why this museum — the people in this museum that are honored started their fight. It is still going on. It still exists. It’s wrong. And look, that voter ID thing — My name is Joseph R. Biden, Jr. If I show up and I don’t have a license that says ‘Joseph R. Biden’ or doesn’t have ‘Jr.’ on it, then I can’t vote? Everybody knows who the heck I am, and the challenger knows who I am? Come on. This is designed to suppress the vote, not allow the vote.”

By running on this social justice platform, Biden already alienated the voters in the 200 counties who flipped from Obama to Trump.

That’s why Trump said running against Biden is a “dream.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.