Joe Biden just confirmed everyone’s worst fears about his mental health with this speech

Joe Biden looked to exploit the coronavirus panic to score points against Donald Trump.

That plan backfired.

And it’s because Joe Biden just confirmed everyone’s worst fears about his mental health with this speech.

Joe Biden is facing serious accusations of dementia and declining mental health.

His speech in Delaware only proved it.

During his remarks, Biden recited lines written for him claiming President Trump accurately calling out China for the origin and spread of the coronavirus was “xenophobic.”

The simple fact is the virus did originate in China.

And China’s authoritarian communist party scheming to cover up the initial outbreak and refusing to let World Health Organization doctors in led to calamitous spread of the disease not just in China, but across the world.

Biden merely read the lines in front of him.

His subdued performance and refusal to take questions afterwards led many to wonder if he even understood the crisis or what he was saying.

A responsible leader would call out China for their failures.

Biden gave them a pass.

This came after Biden promised to restore Barack Obama’s “new world order” which led many Americans to wonder if Biden was just some puppet his globalist handlers were exploiting since they knew in his diminished mental capacity they could send him out on stage to deliver any message they put in front on his no questions asked.

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  1. Biden is a puppet, but not of the Puppet Master you think. That man is also a puppet of the New World Order and it’s leader George Soros, the true Puppet Master.

  2. When Joe Biteme talks he makes it sound like he was president and obama was vp. How demented is this stupid old senile fool. MAGA KAG

  3. Joe Biden does not want to interfere in the business of Hunter Biden with China. Hunter is making huge money in China, and Joe also wants campaign contributions and business for himself. This is one corrupt family that should be kept away from Washington. After the Clinton schemes and the Obama debacles, we do not need another corrupt Democrat President.

  4. Could old sleezy Joe be putting on an act for when he has to testify about his dealings in the Ukraine?

  5. He’s had mental issues since the moment he was conceived. His parents should have been shot for bringing another idiot into the world.

  6. It makes me sick that the Left is always willing to sacrifice people for their causes. It’s “only” 100 million people will lose their healthcare”, “only” a hundred or two million Jews will lose their lives, “only” a few thousand more people will be killed each year if we lose our second amendment. “It may slow it [the virus] but will not stop it.” He means some more people will die anyway. If you slow the virus, then you ARE saving lives. Who is Biden, or the Dem’s, to decide how many people must die because of ideas they don’t like – like restricting travel. Every single idea of the Left will lead to more lives lost.

  7. Gun Moll, you are truly brain dead. It is YOU who doesn’t get it. You have no concept of the truth. Pres. Trump is far from a moron and far from dangerous. His IQ is 162, FAR HIGHER than yours. He has done a lot of good for this country. Take your sick hate somewhere else

  8. It’s a shame what we American citizens have to put up with. Anybody having a brain would not vote for the present day Democratic Party leaders. It is as plain as the nose on our faces that the Democratic Party has been taken over by leftists and money hungry insiders backed by G. Soros. It is time for everybody to get smart and see what is happening by not watching the MSM and their lies.

  9. COVID-19 is a genetically engineered virus from the microlab at the UNC, Chapel Hill, NC. It’s a Skunk Works program during the Obama Administration and supervised by Obama’s CIA (“Secret Government”). This virus was sold to China, since it’s leaders wanted to cull the population due to the fact that there were too many old folks and too many males. The virus was specifically engineered to have a predilection for those who have ACE-2 Receptors, which is found in the male Chinese population in large numbers. This is why when Trump was asked point blank by a reporter that Chinese Prez Xi claimed that the virus came from the U.S. Army, Trump replied, “They know where it came from; we all know where it came from.” It came from Obama’s Skunk Works, since Obama’s CIA under the tutelage of John Brennan and DNI James Clapper wanted to use the virus on U.S. citizens should there be an uprising against the Deep State.

  10. Biden has a full case of dementia , Democrat leaders want him so their pick for Vice President to take over .

  11. Biden has just hired a new campaign manager. Unfortunately, even if this individual is capable, she will be unable to disguise Biden’s worsening senility. It is an echoing refrain of the dismal Democratic Iowan defective app which was untested before being used publicly statewide which failed epically.

    The Democrats have sought removal of Trump by every possible means, e.g., illegal FBI Crossfire Hurricane staff team, Comey’s leak to NYT, alleged Russian conspiracy, sham impeachment proceedings, and, now Biden.

    Pathetic impotency.

    Thank God for Trump’s love for our nation and continual championing of our safety through this terrifying pandemic. Shutting down borders and travel is necessary to contain the infectious virus as no vaccine has yet been discovered.

    Prayers for all affected. In God We Trust.

  12. When is AOC going to get the Fraud Squad to address Biden’s Quality of Life in this Downward Spiral he’s in ?

  13. So, when is the Demorats going to get some one who is worthy of running against President Trump. Never.

  14. Demented Biden is the best Democraps have to offer. They want someone weak enough to be the puppet of the Deep State, and someone demented enough that he won’t even realize he is being USED. SAD!!

  15. Biden is on his way to full blown Alzheimers; by November he will be operating as someones puppet. All the Deep state are drooling at the chance to take advantage of a demented senior citizen.
    God Bless America and President Trump!! if Biden gets in, by corruption in the voting booths (like he has suddenly gained his current position), this country will be taken over by communists and islamists. God Help Us!We are on the brink of disaster. Dummycraps refuse to work together for the good of our nation. They want to see us fall so they can keep their Gravy Train running.

  16. Look real close when Biden talks! You won’t see a tongue in his mouth, what you will see is the hand of George Soros!

  17. Has anyone else noticed how much Biden resembles Jeff Dunham’s puppet, Walter? Cranky, cantankerous – totally outrageous!

  18. I have no doubt that his diminishing cognitive faculties are real, but this is all part of the globalists/Dems agenda. He will be the Dem’s presidential candidate with Hillary as his running mate, and should he get in The White House, she will assume the presidency due to a total failure of his mental faculties. Biden’s handlers know full well that he is an incompetent, ineffectual, imbecilic moron and he is just a place holder for Hillary. Biden cannot beat President Trump fair and square, but Hillary and her handlers learned from her 2016 defeat and will amp up their efforts through allowing illegals and cemetery residents to vote, tampering with the computer system and by any means that will have Biden win the electoral college vote, and thereby insuring Hillary’s return to The White House to continue Bath House Barry’s destruction of America. VIVA TRUMP !!!!! 2020, 2024, 2028….. KAG !!

  19. If President Trump even joked about where he was when he was obviously elsewhere, the lunatic democrats and their sick media henchmen would all be screaming their collective heads off demanding he be removed from office for incompetence..BUT, when crazy dementia joe REALLY doesn’t know where he is “crickets”….. disgusting,anti american rats !

  20. Serial Trump hater Gun Moll had to put his, hers or its worthless two cents in!
    The issue is Joehands Biden’s mental competence and agility that appears to be rapidly diminishing.

  21. Joseph Biden is rapidly sinking into advanced stages of dementia:
    –confusion and disorientation
    –hallucinations, illusions of grandeur
    –severe loss of memory, forgetting what he is trying to say in the middle of a sentence
    –forgetting where he is
    –lapses in concentration ability, cloudy or slowed down thinking processes
    –difficulty communicating or finding words
    –poor judgment or decision making
    –inability to perform simple tasks
    –difficulty solving simple problems
    –difficulty understanding simple information
    But he is still the best the democrats have to offer.

  22. A blinding statement of the obvious with a political spin to bash his opponent, Donald Trump. The anti-travel ban position is just plain stupid (“travel bans will slow the spread but not stop it”). Yeah, right. It will minimize it and slowing the spread gives time to combat and mitigate it. That’s why Spain, Italy, and others have restricted travel domestically, idiot. That’s why there are far fewer cases in the U.S. right now than in many other countries. Good use of the teleprompter though. Notice how that stutter, blamed for many Biden mental slips, gaffes, and incoherence was absent. At least he can still read. Should we self destruct by electing him, at least he will be able to convey the script his handlers provide him to follow their agenda and transform the country into their dystopian dream.

  23. Biden is a pitifully self-centered and mentally incompetent man. Retirement should be his aim and those who love him! Our BE LOVED AMERICA needs people who are in their Prime Time! Will any corporation hires someone like him in his age to run the company as its CEO? Of course not! Is our Nation not greater and deserves Better than any Corporation?

  24. I don’t think he should be able to continue he campaign. He should be made to resign from all duties. Where do we draw the line when a person is not fit to run for office no more. If it was one of us we would be made to retire.

  25. Wake up people!! Joe Biden has had 2 aneurysm removed and he had 50/50 chance of surviving which has left him with little to no memery…Think about this whom every he picks for vice will be running the country (Hillery)??? Do you really want that

  26. Trump is a dangerous moron to begin with, but his mental health has deteriorated to a new dangerous level. You cultists don’t get it.

  27. What i think is scary is that you see people listening to him and agreeing with him! I dont understand the hatred of Trump, most sane people love a fighter, someone that advocates for the people not those who just want to line their pockets! Uncle Joe and his corrupt family, Hitlery, Nancy and Sluggo, DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU PEOPLE! WAKE UP! On a lighter note, I did manage to find some butt wipe!

  28. Dont bother looking at julious site, hes bashing the president! What an idiot. You assholes cant stop this crap even when our COUNTRY needs to pull together at this time!!! Dont vote for joe, he will step down and his VP will take over! & guess who that will be? Hillary! Thats their plan!!! Screw them with plan it aint gonna work!

  29. Brib’em is suffering from onset dementia. He needs to be running for a home, not running for office…🤣

  30. Biden promised to restore Barack Obama’s “new world order” of muslim rule over the USA, this is why NO DEMOCRAT should be in congress and never in the Whitehouse because of their TREASONOUS ACTS AGAINST AMERICA.

  31. I don’t like this mans politics and would never and never did, being I’m from the peoples republic of Delaware. However, he is a nice guy but his family should demand that he drop out of the running. He is embarrassing his family, his party and himself and hehas no chance of beating DJT.

  32. Right Truckman. He will end up being arkinsized. Killery is waiting to backdoor him into the loony bin.

  33. It’s showing Joe ,so how can you a President that hand a BIG Problem? Trump is of sound mine and I am voting for ” TRUMP ” in 2020

  34. this man does not need to be running for office right now he is being used because somebody else is pushing this hoping to ride his coattail into vice-president job and into the president position after he is declared incompetent to be in the office

  35. Creepy Joe-mentia just closed the lid on his own box. Now, all we have to do is record him bragging about ducking out of his upcoming trial for genocide and embezzlement against The Ukraine of U.S. taxpayer backed IMF money, and he goes straight to Ram Dauss prison.

  36. Retard joe probably doesn’t even realize what he says. He reminds me of the nut that though he was Teddy Roosevelt in the classic Cary Grant movie Arsnic and old lace. Or the cartoon picture I once saw of Abraham Lincoln sitting among empty liquor bottles and the caption read “I freed what “???

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