Joe Biden just doomed Democrats to defeat with this insane answer about inflation

Every poll shows inflation is the number one issue for voters heading into the Midterm elections.

Now Democrats got some more bad news on that front.

And that’s because Joe Biden just doomed Democrats to defeat with this insane answer about inflation.

The August inflation report showed prices surging 8.3 percent, up 0.1 percent from July.

Since economists predicted inflation would slow to 8.1 percent, prices skyrocketing more than expected showed Joe Biden’s inflationary crisis was here to stay.

The stock market crashed and plunged nearly 1,300 points in response.

Even a glowing interview by left-wing cheerleader Scott Pelley could not avoid the topic of inflation.

Pelley pressed Biden about the August inflation report showing no signs of cooling down.

In a bizarre answer, Biden tried to take credit for inflation rising 8.3 percent by saying it barely went up in August so Americans should be happy that the problem didn’t get even worse.

Democrat candidates running up and down the ballot in November cringed at that answer.

This was the second time in as many weeks that Biden appeared completely out of touch on inflation.

On the day the stock market lost four percent of its value, Biden staged a public pep rally at the White House to celebrate passage of the misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act.”

The Inflation Reduction Act has nothing to do with fighting inflation, as it includes hundreds of billions of dollars in tax hikes and socialist Green New Deal spending.

Joe Biden continually celebrating inflation running at its hottest levels in 40 years is not the message Democrats want to take to voters this November.

Voters are angry about prices continually rising, and polls show Americans blame Joe Biden’s trillions of dollars in new socialist spending for the spiraling inflation.

Joe Biden’s inflation answer on 60 Minutes will do nothing to help Democrats out of this political jam.

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