Joe Biden just ended his own Presidency by asking this mind-blowing question

There is agreement across the political spectrum that Joe Biden has found himself in serious political trouble.

Now Biden made it even worse.

And Joe Biden just ended his own Presidency by asking this mind-blowing question.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings remain stuck in the toilet because Biden’s pursued an insane socialist spending agenda at a time when inflation is surging to levels not seen in thirty one years.

Inflation is devouring Americans’ paychecks as rising prices are effectively a tax that every American pays.

Biden’s handlers know the socialist agenda is out of touch from the concerns of everyday Americans – and is also making the problem worse.

That’s why Biden’s handlers sent Biden out to a port in Baltimore to lie to the public about how the $1.2 trillion Green New Deal bill thirteen RINOs helped Democrats pass will make supply chain shortages and inflation better.

But Biden couldn’t even stick to this script of falsehoods.

Instead, Biden indicted his own administration by citing the fact that gas is $4.50 a gallon in California and asking if the American people ever thought they would pay that much for gasoline.

One reason Americans are paying that much for gasoline is that Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, is studying shutting down another pipeline in Michigan, and canceled all new fracking leases on federal lands.

Joe Biden wants Americans to pay higher prices for gasoline.

That is the point of the taxes and regulations Biden imposed on the oil and natural gas industry.

Biden and these other so-called “climate change” fanatics think higher gas prices are a good thing because it will force Americans to move to densely packed communities and use mass transit.

But the bad news for Joe Biden is his Presidential approval rating is often linked to gas prices and the state of the economy.

And as long as gas prices and inflation remain through the roof Biden and the Democrats will face a poisonous political environment.

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