Joe Biden just found out some bad news about his Supreme Court pick

Joe Biden is set to make his first Supreme Court selection.

The process is already off to a disastrous start.

And Joe Biden just found out some bad news about his Supreme Court pick.

Joe Biden’s pledge to run an affirmative action program to pick a new Supreme Court Justice does not sit well with the American people.

Biden’s handlers hoped picking a new Justice would serve as the latest attempted reboot of a failed Presidency.

But 76 percent of Americans reject Biden’s race and gender-based selection process, saying they believe he should consider all potential nominees and not just black women.

The ABC-Ipsos poll found that Biden’s pledge to only consider black women did not even sit well with the minority voters it was intended to inspire to turnout for Democrats this November.

“Although the poll’s sample size was not large enough to break out results for Black people, only a little more than 1 in 4 nonwhite Americans (28 percent) wish for Biden to consider only Black women for the vacancy. Democrats are more supportive of Biden’s vow (46 percent) than Americans as a whole, but still a majority of Democrats (54 percent) also prefer that Biden consider all possible nominees,” ABC wrote about the poll.

The American people do not support racial quota systems.

In fact, the Supreme Court struck down racial quotas in the 1970s.

And the Supreme Court also appears ready to do away with race-based admissions on college campuses.

But Joe Biden and the Democrats are all in on the “equity” agenda, which means equalized outcomes for minority groups instead of equal opportunity for everyone.

The ABC-Ipsos poll shows that at least in terms of Supreme Court nominations, the American people are not on board with the Left’s racist equity agenda.

And Joe Biden coming out of the gate and saying race and gender – instead of qualifications – will determine who he picks as his first Supreme Court Justice will likely limit any political benefit the Democrats hope to reap from this selection.

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