Joe Biden just found out some really bad news from this top Democrat

Joe Biden’s own Party is offering him no solace from his stolen classified documents scandal.

In fact, the number of Biden allies is dwindling by the day.

And Joe Biden just found out some really bad news from this top Democrat.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Virginia Senator Mark Warner became the latest Democrat to speak out over Biden stealing classified documents and hiding them for years in locations all along the East Coast.

In an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation with Intelligence Committee ranking member Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Warner expressed his dismay with Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines’ damage assessment briefing for the documents recovered from both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“I know the two of you were briefed by the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines. Do you have any timeline in terms of when you will get visibility into the documents of classified material that both President Biden and President Trump had in their residences?” host Margaret Brennan asked Warner and Rubio.

Warner jumped and essentially accused Joe Biden of engineering a cover up.

“Margaret, unfortunately, no. And this Committee has had a long, bipartisan history of doing its job, and our job here is intelligence oversight. The Justice Department has had the Trump documents about six months, the Biden documents about three months. Our job is not to figure if somebody mishandled those, our job is to make sure there’s not an intelligence compromise. And while the Director of National Intelligence had been willing to brief us earlier, now that you’ve got the Special Counsel, the notion that we’re going to be left in limbo and we can’t do our job, that just cannot stand,” Warner answered.

It continues to amaze political observers that Democrats are not offering a full-throated defense of Joe Biden in this growing scandal.

No one has seen anything like it since Watergate, when Republicans fell for the Deep State coup the FBI pulled on Richard Nixon.

But there is a simple explanation as to why the administration refused to come clean about the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago and Joe Biden’s properties.

That’s because there was no damaging information recovered from the documents found at Donald Trump’s estate.

And Joe Biden stole classified documents regarding Ukraine that many believe were used to pass classified information to Hunter.

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