Joe Biden just got humiliated by one challenge that made Americans question everything

Joe Biden’s administration faced its first big test on the world stage.

It failed miserably.

And that’s because Joe Biden just got humiliated by one top diplomat that made Americans question everything.

Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met in Alaska for their first high level meeting with Chinese officials.

It was a disaster for the Biden administration.

Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi browbeat Blinken and Sullivan boasting that the Biden administration cannot lecture China from a position of moral superiority and used Black Lives Matter talking points to attack America as a racist nation.

“China is firmly opposed to U.S. interference in China’s internal affairs . . . On human rights, we hope the United States will do better on human rights. China has made steady progress in human rights, and the fact is that there are many problems within the United States regarding human rights, which is admitted by the U.S. itself as well. […] The challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated. They did not just emerge over the past four years, such as ‘Black Lives Matter.’ It did not come up only recently,” Jiechi said.

Blinken was dumbfounded.

Instead of defending America as the greatest nation on earth and attacking China for the genocide of Uyghur Muslims in Communist Chinese concentration camps, Blinken essentially acknowledged that Communist Chinese were correct about America falling short of its ideals.

Blinken claimed America was always willing to admit where it fell short and that the nation was on “a constant quest to form a more perfect union.”

The Communist Chinese may be the greatest threat America has ever seen.

It’s belt and road project is allowing the Communist Chinese to economically colonize the third world and it’s accelerating its bid to top America in military superiority.

Instead of standing up to the Communist Chinese, the Biden administration folded at the first challenge.

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