Joe Biden just got some devastating news that will upend everything

Joe Biden’s Presidency is sinking like a brick.

But he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.

Now Joe Biden just got some devastating news that will upend everything.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been one of the biggest disasters in American history.

Right now, his best-case scenario is Jimmy Carter’s second term.

His Presidency has gone completely off the rails, sending his poll numbers into a tailspin.

Now a normally Biden friendly pollster gave him one of the worst polls of his Presidency.

Morning Consult has usually found numbers that are more favorable than most pollsters for Biden.

But even they are finding that Biden’s Presidency has completely tanked, and that it’s threatening to wipe out Democrats in the Midterm elections.

Biden’s collapse across the country is jaw dropping.

Morning Consult found that “Biden’s net approval rating Is underwater in 40 states.”

They report that “Biden’s job performance worsened across most of the country in the first quarter of this year, deepening the challenges for his party in key states ahead of this year’s midterm elections that largely overlap with the 2024 presidential map.”

This collapse includes states that he carried by double digits in 2020, like Colorado, Oregon, and Virginia.

In the crucial battleground state of Michigan, his approval rating among Independents dropped by a staggering 38 points.

Georgia and Minnesota saw his approval rating with Independents drop by 33 points.

Biden’s biggest collapse has been Independent voters who will be crucial in House and Senate races across the country this fall.

Even in the ten states that Biden’s approval rating is positive, it’s been declining since last year.

In deep-Blue New York, where he cruised to victory in 2020, Biden is only 6 points above water.

Biden’s support with Democrats is going down particularly among younger voters.

“The nosedive among young voters in these key states could spell trouble for the party’s enthusiasm, as the surveys show the strength of Biden’s Democratic support has declined significantly over the past year,” Morning Consult reported.

This is the latest poll to find Biden’s support collapsing with younger Democrat voters.

These disastrous numbers are a five-alarm fire for Biden and Democrats heading into the Midterm elections.

Younger voters have been a key part of the Democrat base.

While younger voters’ turnout usually drops off in Midterm elections, their normally-low turnout could be even weaker this year.

In the battle for control of the Senate, Republicans only need to pick up one seat to grind Biden’s radical agenda to a halt.

The four biggest battleground states in the Senate this year are New Hampshire, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

In all four of those states, Biden’s approval rating is underwater by double digits.

That spells potential doom for incumbent Democrats running in a Midterm that will be a referendum on Biden’s disastrous Presidency.

This becomes the latest in a string of catastrophic polls for Joe Biden that will give him a massive headache.

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