Joe Biden just got some insanely bad news about challenging Donald Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden is rumored to jump into the Presidential race.

Democrats think he might be the strongest candidate to run against Donald Trump.

But that all imploded when Biden got this insanely bad news.

The liberal grassroots is not clamoring for a Joe Biden presidential run.

A focus group on CNN found the idea of a Biden candidacy was toxic with the party’s base voters.

The Hill reports:

The focus group’s dismissal of Biden is notable since the former vice president, who is expected to join the Democratic primary soon, has been leading a number of public opinion polls and is seen as the potential front-runner.

The Democrats gathered by CNN, however, said they weren’t interested in Biden. Some said they wanted a candidate who was further to the left.

“I think we need a bold, strong leadership, and you’ll find that in the progressives,” Democratic voter Carol Evans said.

“We had the standard-bearer for the kind of pragmatic centrist candidate in Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Donald Trump is now president. He is not your average political candidate, so we really need to try to think outside the box because, you know, it seems like the dude is made of rubber. Anything you throw at him just bounces off, there’s nothing that sticks,” said focus group member Michael Milisits.

Younger Democrats look at Biden and see a straight, white male.

They vote on identity politics.

These voters also see Biden as a relic from the Clinton era of the Democrat Party and the energy on the left with is with the ascendant socialist wing.

While Biden currently sits atop the polls, those are just measures of name recognition.

Biden owns that space as a former two-term Vice President.

But when the campaign actually kicks into full swing, Biden’s vulnerabilities could sink him.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I think the Dems want Biden to win and he will choose some unknown nobody as a running mate. They think when he wins they can call him incompetent and force him to step down. Now comes. Then deep research into the nobody VP who will be clueless what to do. She will be found incompetent. As per the constitution the next in line is none others than PELOSI. And the hits keep coming. Every Dem I’ve listened to is narcissistic with illusions of grandeur. Biden is the key. Whether it’s an unknown, untried VP or Old Lady Clinton or Pelosi, they believe Biden is the key to the kingdom. That’s kind of sad, kind of like being nice to grandpa so you can steal money from his wallet.

  2. Trump may be unconventional, but that is because he is not a career politician. What is it, the fact that he is trying to get illegal immigration dealt with, and have them come to the country the right way, or the fact we have all of these sanctuary states that will not comply with ice. Yes America accepts a lot. Remember after Titanic sank all of the survivors were welcomed with open arms, but they had to fill out paperwork and do it the legal way if they wanted to stay. Not today, just sneak in and go to a sanctuary city, no one will turn you in.

  3. Pedaphile Joe has many problems. His inability to keep his hands off any poor little girl that gets near him. Then his two choices for VP are not much help either. I mean one is a crook who won’t accept she was beaten in a Governor’s race still and the other keeps showing his IGNORANCE by claiming that Trump is a Eussian plant in the White House despite proof to the contrary. The proof is overwhelming that Trump had help from or worked with the Russians but Beto won’t accept FACTS. So poor old senile can not remember the past 20 years Pedaphile Joe has many problems all of which can be traced back to one FACT he is a MORON.

  4. Crazy Joe might be the best the Dummyrats can come up with. What a bunch of Scumbag losers…!!!

  5. The ‘rumor’ re PEDO BIDEN for ‘top DAWG’
    Dem Nom. Couldn’t be better.
    > GO For ‘it’ PEDO JOE.
    >The videos Are Ev’ry Where & ‘Captured’.

  6. The LIBERAL CRIMINAL caused the “Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990” , leaving American kids defenseless , and is responsible for 92% of the large mass shootings since !

  7. Uncle Joe should retire from politics and only run for president of a nursing home in which he’d likely to loose there also.

  8. Old Biden. They say he shouldn’t be chasing after the moon, but at least he can give a good howl for the Dem Party. I think that’s true. He did pretty good for Obama administration.

    I notice that he can come up with the magic word, a poetic word of the old days that can send a ripple of the battle cry across the nation. I think he’s good at it.

    Not good.

  9. Sad isn’t it that we only have two parties of any consequence. One continually pulls against the President and couldn’t get a damn thing accomplished even when they had the numbers. Too busy trying to show everyone they were “different” for re-electability.
    The other so politically, morally and ethically unfit as to belong to the human race. The best they can field that has a sense of humanity is Biden. Summing up the Democratic party in one word. BENGAHZI


  11. How about we start a collection of slightly used Depends for the Demoncrat Party? It’s better than nothing?

  12. The only leverage they’ll have as the New Communist Party is for some sane Democrat legislator to sneak a gun into the House and shoot to death Occasional Cotex before she becomes the female version of Hitler in the 21st Century. That’s where she is headed!

  13. Looking bad for you Joe “boo boo”. You can have more fun and freedom being a dirty old man if you stay in private life. Of course, you will have to be very careful or the #MeToo movement will have your a$$ in jail where it belongs!

  14. Biden is a creep!
    he gets off on touching
    little girls //// While his
    clear skin drips on their lives!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  15. If piglet progressive liberal, lying Hillary Clinton was a “centrist” candidate , then I am Santa Claus! She is as leftist and corrupt as they get!
    The right person won the presidency and has done more in two years for America then Obama did in 8, despite the relentless attacks by the democrats and the biased press 24/7!
    Pres Trump for 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????Keep America safe !

  16. At one time I was a registered Dwmocrat — I was young, naive, politically ignorant & did not own a home.WE had no children yet, and was not paying much in taxes as an apartment dweller. All that changed when we bought our first home, had two kids, and then pay for both of their college education. Now I am retired and just getting by with all the real estate taxes etc. I am tired of paying huge taxes for other people that do not work as hard and are being subsidized by the goverment., I am not a Liberal nor a Democrat who are trying to ruim America

  17. Geez,Are we ever going to get rid of these old geezers.Biden is 77,Sanders is 78.Fienstein is 86,Walter’s is 80.DC is one expensive Nursing Home.

  18. USELESS as Joe BIDEN has been in the SEnate for way TOO LONG and as VP …..His only HOPE to get anything is to jOIN the USELESS UN for “USELESS AT LARGE” in charge if NOTHING!!

  19. The ‘Focus Group’ consisted of 6 people, from NY. Hardly a cross section of the whole country. I think creepy Joe should run… as far away as fast as he can. Unless he is prepared to see his wandering hands fondling little girls and other men’s wives. I wonder how many times creepy Joe has been on the Sexual Harrassment Payoff list?

  20. DITTO. Obama couldn’t have someone as his vp that was too smart. They might have realized what the heck he was up to, that’s why he chose old sleaze Biden.

  21. crazy joe like crooked hillary will shoot himself in the foot , the only reason oboma had him around was to make himself look smart

  22. Crazy uncle Joe the child molester wants to be the Perverted President On The United States. That will never happen.

  23. The old fool would lose huuugly. Kamala Harris offers legal prostitution. Then the commiecrats can offer free poontang at the taxpayers expense. Imagine!! Free human trafficking.

  24. C’mon Joe RUN – You’re a Democrat – You’re ENTITLED!! I think there are still a few seats left on the bus – there’s about 40 other ENTITLED candidates so you might have to fight to sit in the front – but on the other hand the view is better from the top deck.

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