Joe Biden just insulted 13 fallen soldiers with one disgusting act

Afghanistan is turning into one of the most humiliating foreign policy failures in American history.

The worst was yet to come.

Joe Biden just insulted 13 fallen soldiers with one disgusting act.

An ISIS suicide bomber murdered 11 marines, one soldier, and one Navy Corpsman in a terrorist attack at the Kabul Airport.

The troops were in harm’s way because of the Biden administration’s haphazard withdrawal plan that saw the military leave the country before evacuating all American citizens.

Biden attended the dignified transfer ceremony where the remains of the fallen soldiers returned to American soil.

But during the ceremony Biden looked at his watch, giving off the impression he had somewhere better to be and could not wait for this event to end.

When Joe Biden campaigned for President, the media claimed Biden’s empathy represented one of his biggest political strengths.

But the video of Joe Biden looking at his watch while the remains of soldiers who lost their lives on Biden’s watch returned home called that corporate media talking point into question.

Biden’s poll numbers collapsed under the weight of multiple crises of Joe Biden’s own making.

However, Afghanistan is the one fiasco that pierced the narrative surrounding Joe Biden that Democrats and the media worked hard to project.

The failure to execute an orderly and honorable withdrawal from Afghanistan destroyed the image of Joe Biden as a competent expert on global affairs as well as Biden’s ability to empathize with Americans experiencing loss.

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