Joe Biden just insulted police officers in one incredible way

Joe Biden campaigned on uniting the country.

That turned out to be a lie.

Now Joe Biden just insulted police officers in one incredible way.

Joe Biden scrapped plans for a proposed commission on police reform as Black Lives Matter riots broke out in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota after a police officer accidentally shot and killed Daunte Wright, who had a warrant out for his arrest on a weapons charge.

Biden’s Director of the Domestic Policy Council Susan Rice announced:

Based on close, respectful consultation with partners in the civil rights community, the administration made the considered judgment that a police commission, at this time, would not be the most effective way to deliver on our top priority in this area, which is to sign the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act into law.

Instead, the Biden administration will work with left-wing pressure groups to hammer the Senate on abolishing the filibuster so they can pass anti-police legislation that attacks cops and make it harder for law enforcement to do its job.

“We also agree with the White House decision to forgo the creation of a commission to study the problem.” President of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Wes Henderson told POLITICO. “Congress is by far the more appropriate venue to consider changes in law regarding police accountability.”

Joe Biden shelving his proposed police reform commission is not a win for law enforcement.

Instead, it means Biden will expend political capital to pressure Congress to pass extremist legislation that targets police.

The number one demand for the Left is to end qualified immunity, which prevents police from being sued for performing their job.

Leftists know they don’t have the votes to defund the police so the next best attack is crippling law enforcement’s ability to keep the public safe by putting fear in their minds they will be sued if they intervene in any given situation.

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