Joe Biden just lost one big court case in this key swing state

Democrats are planning on challenging the results of the election if Donald Trump wins.

But the Left just got some bad news on that front.

And Joe Biden just lost one big court case in this key swing state.

In Ohio, federal judge Michael Watson rejected a challenge by the left-wing League of Women Voters, the A. Philip Randolph Institute, and two voters to the state’s rules requiring election officials to match the signature on a mail-in ballot to the envelope the voter mailed the ballot back in.

Under state law, the voter has a seven day window to contest a rejected ballot and the liberal groups suing claimed that was not enough time.

Judge Watson rejected the challenge and declined to rewrite the state law to benefit Joe Biden’s campaign by allowing an endless period to count votes.

The judge also pointed out that voters could choose to vote in person and not leave the ballot in the hands of election officials trying to match signatures.

“Electors could also choose to simply not attempt to vote absentee in the first place and instead vote early or on Election Day in person,” Watson ruled.

Watson also noted that a ruling extending the period to count mail-in votes would delegitimize the electoral process in the minds of many Americans.

“Some public officials have unfortunately regularly cast doubt on the security and legitimacy of voting by mail. A federal court enjoining part of the State’s procedure for maintaining the security of mail-in voting in the weeks leading up to the election could further undermine public confidence in elections,” Watson added.

Democrats won the right to extend the period to count votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which worries many Trump supporters that the Joe Biden campaign is planning to flip the results of the election by dragging out the process to count votes until the Left “finds” enough ballots to put Joe Biden over the top.

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