Joe Biden just made a concession to Donald Trump that enraged the Democrat Party

Joe Biden took his allies by surprise.

Many on the Left’s blood began to boil.

That happened after Joe Biden just made a concession to Donald Trump that enraged the Democrat Party.

On the campaign trail Biden promised to open the borders by raising the refugee caps from 15,000 in Trump’s last year to 62,500 in 2021 and 1,250,000 in 2022.

But with record numbers of illegal aliens pouring across the border, Biden backed down because of the political optics and will leave the Trump refugee cap in place.

The Washington Post reports:

President Biden has decided not to lift the cap on refugees for the current fiscal year from the level set by the Trump administration, according to a senior administration official, a shift from a previous proposal to Congress to allow more refugees to come to the United States.

Biden plans to keep the refugee cap at 15,000, according to the official. He had previously proposed to Congress lifting the cap to 62,500 and pushing it to 125,000 for the following year.

This will infuriate many on the Left.

Hours before Biden made this announcement, Ilhan Omar led a group of socialists in Congress in writing a letter to Biden demanding open borders and more refugees.

“We have all been deeply distressed at the stories of hundreds of refugees who had been cleared for resettlement having their flights cancelled at the last minute, in some cases having already left their residences and sold their belongings. We must keep our promises to people who have fled unthinkably brutal conditions in their home countries and live up to our ambition to provide them a safe haven to re-start their lives,” the letter read.

Biden’s capitulation to reality is not the first time Biden has subtly admitted his open borders policies are failing.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is exploring using money appropriated for border wall construction to “fill in gaps” in the current wall, which allows illegal aliens to sneak through.

One of Joe Biden’s first moves in office was to halt all border wall construction, which prevented DHS from closing these vulnerabilities and also signaling to illegal aliens that now is the time to come to America.

And for the first time in his Presidency Biden will now have to deal with angry allies on the Left.

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