Joe Biden just made a move that every Democrat will live to regret

Joe Biden’s disastrous regime has put the country in danger.

Democrats are panicking about the damage he’s done.

And Joe Biden just made a move that every Democrat will live to regret.

Joe Biden has teamed up with environmental wackos like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to declare war on American energy.

Biden put American oil and gas companies in his crosshairs by canceling pipelines, shutting down drilling permits, and threatening them with crippling regulations.

America has moved from being energy independent under President Trump to being dependent on foreign oil under Joe Biden.

As a result, gas prices are skyrocketing, with the average price per gallon hitting its highest level since 2014.

With the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the situation will only get worse.

Democrats are starting to panic about facing the political consequences for the high gas prices they’ve caused.

Joe Biden is doubling down on his war against American oil by freezing new oil and gas permits for drilling on federal land.

Recently, a federal judge in Louisiana struck down Biden’s green scheme called the “social costs of carbon.”

This scheme calculated the cost of future events that environmental wackos say are caused by oil, such as hurricanes, wildfires, or a polar bear’s fur changing colors.

This “social cost” allowed the regime to estimate ridiculous future costs for oil based on green delusions.

But now that the regime lost this “important tool” for their decision making on federal drilling permits, they’re shutting them down entirely.

The Biden regime is hellbent on killing American oil production and using the ruling as cover for a total drilling permit shutdown.

While the environmental wing of the Democrats are cheering Biden’s move, those who are vulnerable in the Midterm elections are panicked.

Gas prices are soaring and are expected to keep rising due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Some experts estimate that gas could be over $5 a gallon in most places this summer.

Pain at the pump is going to be a major political issue for Democrats when they face voters this fall.

Polling shows that most voters blame Biden for the dramatic spike in gas prices.

With inflation driving up the cost of everything, high prices at the pump are the last thing Americans can afford.

Democrats are so panicked about gas prices for the election that a group of vulnerable Senators recently proposed suspending the federal gas tax.

Conveniently, the gas tax would resume right after their re-election races.

This is a catastrophic problem for Democrats if they’re rebranding themselves as tax-cutters concerned about gas prices in an election year.

Democrats will try to do anything but unleash American energy to lower gas prices.

Biden has blamed “price gouging” by oil companies and tried failed gimmicks like releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve.

None of this is going to fix his failures.

By throwing his lot in with the environmental wackos, Biden has set Democrats up for a rough Midterm election season.

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