Joe Biden just reached a dangerous new low in a jaw-dropping new opinion poll

Democrats were counting on Joe Biden racking up massive job approval numbers to carry the Party into next year’s elections.

The left is getting some bad news.

And now Joe Biden just reached a dangerous new low in a jaw-dropping new opinion poll.

Joe Biden’s honeymoon period is clearly ending as his presidency brings about a summertime malaise.

The inflation crisis is raging out of control with the consumer price index continuing to rise above predictions as the Biden administration keeps up its push for nearly five trillion in spending on Big Government payoffs, Socialist welfare schemes and Green New Deal provisions.

Kamala Harris’ stint as border czar is failing to tame the illegal immigration crisis as the numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border are rising to levels not seen in 20 years.

And the Biden administration is careening the country into another pandemic panic and reimposing mask mandates for vaccinated Americans and school children which are not based on science and are causing an uproar as the vast majority of the country is ready to move on from coronavirus hysteria.

All of that added up to take a toll on Joe Biden’s approval rating as the latest Rasmussen polls showed approval for the failing administration plunging to just 46 percent.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Now President Joe Biden knows how former President Donald Trump felt.

In just shared numbers, Rasmussen Reports today said that the Democratic president’s approval rating is underwater, a situation Trump was regularly in.

And worse, his approval is at an all-time low. Biden’s approval has fallen to 46%, and his disapproval is at 52%.

If Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to sink into the mid or even high 40s Democrats are set for trouble in 2022.

The Democrat majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate will be at risk.

And that would certainly spell the end of the Biden Presidency in terms of passing its legislative agenda.

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