Joe Biden just said one sentence that was the most dangerous promise of his Presidency

Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office are now over.

Biden has laid out the most expansive socialist agenda in American history and things are about to get worse.

That happened when Joe Biden just said one sentence that was the most dangerous promise of his Presidency.

Joe Biden held a bizarre “drive in” socially distanced rally in Atlanta where Biden celebrated his first 100 days in office.

During the event, pro-open borders protestors began to heckle Biden demanding his close private detention centers at the border and abolish ICE in order to further throw the border open and invite illegal aliens into the country.

Biden shockingly responded by claiming that if the open borders activists waited five days Biden would have good news.

In the month of March, the Border Patrol stopped 170,000 illegal aliens from entering the country, which was the greatest number of illegal border crossings in 15 years.

The administration has over 22,000 illegal alien children in custody, which is a record.

In a public event, Joe Biden told open borders activists that he supports closing private immigration detention centers and abolishing ICE.

This will only create new magnets that will attract a new crush of illegal aliens to surge the border.
Many suspect this is what Joe Biden actually wants.

The more illegal aliens that enter the country the bigger the amnesty bill Democrats can pass, which they will use to legislate themselves new voters.

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