Joe Biden just said two words to Fox News that will leave you red with rage

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a flaming clown car in every sense.

Biden’s facing disasters at home and abroad.

And Joe Biden just said two words to Fox News that will leave you red with rage.

For years, the corporate-controlled media claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin had blackmail on Donald Trump.

Reporters accused Trump of going soft on Putin.

But now that Joe Biden is in office, not only has Russia amassed 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine, but Biden also lifted sanctions on a Russian energy pipeline into Western Europe.

And today, it looks like Russia is prepared to invade Ukraine much like they did when Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s Vice President.

Fox News White House correspondent, Jacqui Heinrich, shouted a question at Biden, asking him if he should be taking proactive steps to stop Russia from seizing Ukraine.

Biden – who once claimed he would fire anyone who disrespected female reporters – muttered “stupid question” while offering one of his blank grins.

Biden insulting a female reporter came one day after he held an embarrassing 1 hour and 51 minute press conference where a dazed and confused Biden alternated between whispering, shouting, and stammering around after losing his train of thought.

After the press conference, Biden superfan and completely unqualified left-wing media hack, Yamiche Alcindor, claimed the Biden press conference was a homerun because he didn’t insult reporters.

Of course, in the press conference Biden accused Real Clear Politics reporter Philip Wegmann of not being able to read after he asked Biden about him comparing opponents of his federal election takeover bill to Bull Connor.

The very next day Biden insulted a woman with a putdown that Donald Trump would have never uttered even on his worst day.

Biden’s continued bizarre responses to reporters are only fueling doubts that he is in the midst of severe cognitive decline.