Joe Biden just set this record that has Democrats fearing the worst

Joe Biden’s stunning political collapse continues.

It’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

Now Joe Biden just set this record that has Democrats fearing the worst.

The latest Washington Post/ABC poll found Joe Biden reaching a record low of 37 percent job approval with 55 percent disapproving.

“The poll finds Biden’s presidential approval rating at a new low, with 37 percent saying they approve of the job he is doing and 55 percent saying they disapprove. Overall, 44 percent say they strongly disapprove. Predictably, Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove (86 percent) of his job performance, but most independents (61 percent) also rate him negatively. Among Democrats, 77 percent give Biden positive marks,” the Washington Post reported.

What’s worrisome for Democrats is the intensity of the opposition, with 44 percent of Americans strongly disapproving.

Biden then set another record low for the Washington Post/ABC poll where 75 percent of Americans rated the economy as fair or poor.

The Washington Post reports:

The president appears to be weighed down by Americans’ sour assessment of the economy. Today, 75 percent of Americans rate the economy negatively, up from 70 percent in November. That represents the worst rating since 2013 in Post-ABC polls. In all, 39 percent say the economy is in “poor” shape, the highest number since 2012, though little changed from the 38 percent who said the same in November.

By a wide margin, Americans say the economy has gotten worse since Biden took office, with 54 percent saying so compared with 17 percent who say the economy has gotten better and 27 percent who say it has remained about the same as it was before he was sworn in 13 months ago.

In elections, the two biggest numbers are the President’s job approval and how the American people feel about the economy.

On both measures, the American people rate Joe Biden as a failure.

That helps explain why the Post/ABC poll showed Republicans on track for a landslide win in November, as the survey found the GOP holding a seven-point lead over Democrats on the question of which Party Americans want to see running Congress.

For comparison sake, Democrats won the overall popular vote in 2018 by seven points and picked up 40 seats.

If Republicans make similar gains, they would be on track for the largest Congressional majority in the Party’s history.

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