Joe Biden just spit in the face of every gun owner in America with a move that will infuriate you

If there is one thing Joe Biden hates, it is gun-toting Americans.

The Second Amendment flies in the face of his tyrannical agenda.

That’s why he just spit in the face of every gun owner in America with a move that will infuriate you.

Joe Biden truly doesn’t understand the Second Amendment.

The words in it are clear, yet he believes he can restrict the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

He led the infamous efforts of Barack Obama in 2013 to try and implement some of the most extreme gun control Americans have ever seen.

And now that the media claims he is the President-elect, he is taking the fight to new heights.

According to a report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, his plan would tie up at least 20 million rifles, and 150 million ammunition magazines in a sales ban and registration scheme.

His plan would ban new sales of most semi-automatic rifles, including the wildly popular AR-15 rifle, along with magazines holding more than 10 rounds, which is far less than the standard in most firearms on the market today.

This scheme would offer to pay gun owners to surrender their legally owned guns, and force anybody who doesn’t comply to register their guns under the National Firearms Act, which would force gun owners into a much more stringent background check system, which includes a $200 tax stamp for each item.

That means that not only would every firearm require a $200 tax stamp, but that every magazine over 10 rounds would as well.

The NSSF report reveals that the affected guns Biden wants to ban would make up nearly half of all rifles produced in 2018.

But the number of guns tied into this scheme is likely much higher due to the fact that the report is based on the most updated numbers from the ATF.

“That manufacturer’s report comes out [with] an 18 to 24-month delay,” NSSF spokeman Mark Oliva said. “That number is probably significantly higher now.”

This is a measure that is simply to appease the far-left.

In reality, AR-15s and similar rifles are not a major factor in gun violence.

An average of 340 homicides every year involve a rifle, which includes far more than the rifles he wants to ban.

In contrast, nearly 1,700 are murdered every year with a knife or sharp object.

Not that this should matter in the discussion, the fact of the matter is that Americans have a Second Amendment right to own these firearms.