Joe Biden just spoke one sentence that confirmed every American’s worst fear

Joe Biden has been in office nearly four months.

Economic, foreign policy, border, and fuel crises are piling up.

And now Joe Biden just spoke one sentence that confirmed every American’s worst fear.

Over the last week, Americans faced fuel shortages, rising inflation, and the threat of a new war in the Middle East as Hamas terrorists attacked Israel.

Even though many Americans believed Joe Biden caused all three of these crises with his policies, Biden largely stayed out of sight and hoped a friendly media would provide political cover.

Biden was finally forced to come out of the White House basement and deliver remarks on the state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

After the speech was over Biden attempted to shuffle out of the room as his fans in the press corps shouted questions at him.

Biden – who has answered fewer questions than any President anyone can remember – revealed his handlers did not want him talking to the press in unscripted settings.

“You guys are bad. I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions. I’m supposed to leave. But I can’t resist your questions,” Biden stated.

Biden did take one question about trying to strike an infrastructure deal with Republicans before leaving.

Americans expect their President to be able to think on his feet and answer questions – especially when they are friendly softball questions from Biden’s admirers in the media.

But Biden’s aides don’t even trust him to do that.

They are afraid in unscripted settings Biden will appear confused, ramble, or display some other disturbing behavior that would fuel speculation his mental health is in serious decline.

Some conservatives – like Tucker Carlson – believe Kamala Harris is really the one calling the shots.

Critics contend that Biden admitting he isn’t supposed to speak to the press without a script will not do anything to tamp down that speculation.

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