Joe Biden just suffered the biggest embarrassment of his Presidential campaign

Joe Biden is desperate to force his way back into the national conversation in America.

But Biden’s attempts to garner attention are not going well.

And Joe Biden just suffered the biggest embarrassment of his Presidential campaign.

Biden’s campaign made the former Vice President available for a rare TV interview with MSNBC.

Despite a series of slow pitch softball questions Biden still found a way to humiliate himself.

Host Nicole Wallace asked Biden how he would handle the coronavirus pandemic if he wins in 2020 and Biden unleashed a word salad of incoherence topped off with an extra helping of rambling.

The former Vice President – who is often confused in interviews – could only rattle off a series of actions the Trump administration already undertook.

“Way back in January 17 I wrote a piece, maybe the 15th. I wrote a piece for USA Today saying that, you know, a pandemic is coming. We have to be better prepared. We should have been in a position, I called for a while ago. I would enforce, enforce the Defense Production Act. I would be surging equipment and personnel.” Biden rambled.

“I would be moving in a direction where we had the United States military, which I call for several weeks ago building hospitals like finally happening in the National Guard helping in New York with, you know, at the Javits Center. We have this capacity. Most of all, I would be protecting our docs, nurses, and first responders because if we lose them, we are in real, real trouble. We should be making those masks, moving on those ventilators. We can do that. Why doesn’t he just act like a president?”

After Biden was finished he looked dazed and then declared what he said was a “stupid way” to put it.

When Wallace began to ask him another question Biden claimed it was best he didn’t answer and Wallace immediately cut off her line of inquiry.

Joe Biden is asking America to elect him President at a time of national emergency when Biden makes it clear in interviews he does not have the mental capacity to form clear and coherent answers to even simple questions.

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  1. It’s very sad what the demorats and joe Biden’s family are dragging him through. His family needs to take him home and care for him properly. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. If Joe Biden is the best the dems have to offer then the party is finished.This is a man that can’t keep his hands off the young girls and doesn’t remember what state he’s in.To all the democrats out there,you already lost the election.Be prepared to have Trump for four more years.
    God Bless America 🇺🇸

  3. Joe Biden only wants to go down in history as a U.S. president. He wouldn’t care if he only lasts a month in office like William Henry Harrison. He would still be a president in the history books.

  4. I stopped watching anything with Chris Wallace since he opened his anti Trump closet door. Every chance he gets he tries to invoke harmful criticism against the President and constantly asks the snidely gotcha type questions. He tries to maintain a holier than thou image but his anti Trump shines tight on through!

  5. The only whopper lies being told are by the fake news media and QED. President Trump has not lied to the American people, he tries to remain upbeat and give hope to us all!
    The CCR was and is the liar here. The Chinese gov’t cannot be believed or trusted about anything!

  6. The mere fact that Joe Biden is a candidate in this political race is blemish on the political party he represents and is a disgrace to the system. How the press can continue to support this kind of political set of candidates is also a disgrace to our Republic and what they are doing is creating an unhealthy attitude among younger generations that can only spell disaster for the future of our nation. That is hardly what earlier generations of Americans have sacrificed in many wars and in building so much that current generations are privileged to experience.

  7. Joe Biden is SICK! We need to get rid of these Liberals. Stop them and women and negroes from voting! We need President Trump more than ever! President Trimp is a genius! President Trump will protect us ! MAWA! Vote Trump 2020!

  8. It doesn’t make any sense that DemoRATS would get even “one” favorable vote. A 3rd grader could figure it out but not the DemoRATS!! Their corruption is so wide spread and constant. Pelosi is totally rotten but they still love her plus there are so many people that they “want something for nothing”. I am 83 and from the “greatest generation” as Tom Brooks wrote. In 2-3 more election periods “we” will be gone and elections will be controlled by the “ liberals” that are graduating from college. God help the USA then.


  10. This is a shame. Demonrats must be real proud of themselves. Pushing this man as thei nominee. Why don’t you just run a monkey out there. I can’t stand joe but the man is in bad shape and anyone with 2 or more brain cells can see it. But dems have another dirty trick up their sleeve. And parading a senile old man out thei that can’t even remember what freaking planet he’s on is evil. You demonrats aren’t even human beings anymore.

  11. I do not feel sorry for Joe Biden one bit because of his onslaught of dementia. He still has plenty of hidden skeletons in his closet that date back to the beginnings of his politics. So when he says he had no knowledge of what his son Hunter was doing when Hunter was on the Board with the Ukrainian firm Burisma, that is a 100% bald face lie. Uncle Joe knew everything what his idiot, unqualified son was doing with Burisma, but the Democrats are going to great lengths to protect him from this embarrassment. It all stinks to high heaven and everyone knows it. But what is really sad here is all the Democrats know it better than anyone else, but they will still vote for Uncle Joe anyway because he is a Democrat. Plain and simple. They would vote for the Devil himself if the Devil was a Democrat. It’s really sad that there are many people out there who cannot think for themselves. They have to have other people think for them and usually when that happens there is dollar signs involved with it.

  12. “The former Vice President looked like a formidable candidate last year when he entered the race.

    “But Biden showed his age – he would be the oldest President ever inaugurated – and his cognitive decline as the campaign dragged on.

    “Biden put away Bernie Sanders not because of Biden’s superior skills as a candidate, but because the party establishment ganged up on Sanders and dragged Biden across the finish line.”

    “And there’s Uncle Joe / he’s a movin’ kind of slow / at the junction…”

    “Biden’s old age, constant gaffes, and inability to remember basic facts or get through a speech without stumbling over his words concerns many Democrats.

    “This debate – where Biden was called out for age by a fellow Democrat – shows the attacks on Biden’s growing senility are starting to take hold.”

    If elected president, Joe Biden would be the oldest president ever elected. In 1980, that’s what they were saying about Ronald Reagan. In 2016, Donald Trump became the oldest person ever elected president.

    A “doddering figurehead” ? That’s the way we Democrats saw Reagan!

    “I just came into political consciousness when Reagan was Pres…Many hated and satirized him …That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.

    “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation. He should have credit for recognizing the new Soviet generation of leadership, but his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    –SIlverSpringlib on

    I was in high school during the Carter Administration, and in college during the Reagan years. Your observations are fairly accurate, especially when you write:

    “That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.”

    Part of Reagan’s “charm” with the public was coming across as a kind, grandfatherly figure. Some of us saw through it, though. A female friend in college commented, “Oh, I think he’s awful!”

    You write: “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation.”

    That describes his second term as a lame-duck President, and that was especially true in the aftermath of the Iran-Contra scandal. But it is an eerily accurate depiction of his entire time in office.

    In 1984, my friend Greg commented that it seems like Reagan doesn’t do anything: we see him talk to reporters, make a few jokes, and then go inside the White House.

    Greg then began to paint a picture of Reagan going inside the White House, cozying up with a cup of chamomile tea, sitting on a rocking chair, pulling a shawl over himself…

    I broke up laughing: “It sounds like you’re describing a Norman Rockwell picture!” I exclaimed.

    “Well, look at who we’re talking about…” Greg responded.

    “He should have credit for recognizing the new Soviet generation of leadership, but his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    A politically liberal friend of my father’s commented once that Reagan forced the Soviet Union into an arms race they knew they couldn’t win, and thus brought them to the bargaining table.

    I’ll give Reagan the credit for having met with the new Soviet generation of leadership.

    During the 1980s, Dennis McKinsey, an agnostic schoolteacher in Ohio, was publishing Biblical Errancy: a newsletter pointing out biblical errors and contradictions, while giving equal time for Bible believers and/or apologists to respond.

    Dennis McKinsey commented in 1987 (to a Christian who had written in) that it’s possible to discuss our deeply held and cherished beliefs with our ideological opponents without resorting to personal attacks:

    “Just ask Reagan and Gorbachev!” he exclaimed.

    “…his economic legacy pervades to this day and ultimately stifled his successor, Bush1″

    Since Reagan, Republicans have embraced tax cuts as the solution to all social ills.

    When Republican Dan Lundgren ran for governor of California against Gray Davis in 1998, his television ads had him declaring, “I’m going to cut your taxes.”

    Lundgren lost, and one political observer said he ran what would have been a good campaign a decade earlier: in *1988* !

    Thom Hartmann eloquently responds to both the religious right and the conservative call for tax cuts in his 2003 book, What Would Jefferson Do?, by pointing out that our tax dollars provide us with roads, schools, and an infrastructure we tend to take for granted.

    “…That he was old and obviously not all there somehow worked to his advantage.

    “At end of his years Reagan seemed like an irrelevant figure always on vacation.”

    During the first few years of the Clinton Administration, my friend Ruth (pro-life feminist and pro-life Democrat) and I were attending Feminists For Life meetings together here in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1994, Ruth said that when she told some friends of hers who were fellow Democrats but more liberal than herself about the recent news that Reagan had Alzheimer’s, they immediately responded:

    “Oh, we’ve known that for years!”

  13. LOL, Jake! If you are suggesting that Gropin Joe is not on t6he down side of dementia, we’ll send a wheel chair for you too.

  14. Biden has no business being elected to anything much less President. I will soon be 81 and not nears as confused as he.I have no doubt I could do a better job but not physically cable to endure anything close to the way Trump goes.

  15. Mr. Biden should save face and drop out,give it to someone who can handle the campaign.He has A very bad problem,memory is the big one.

  16. Joe, said he wrote an article for USA Today in January. I was unable to find this article, regarding Coronavirus. The only thing that was mentioned was Sleepy Joe was campaigning. He is needing help, he cannot remember anything.

  17. I said before the Democrats plan is to have Biden pick Hillary for a VP & if he should win the election “FAT CHANCE” and not to far in as President he will say he is not able to perform his duties because of health problems and will step down, and Hillary takes over as President just what she always wanted, but coming in the back door, it doesn’t matter she and the Democrats get what they wanted all along.

  18. I cannot listen to ol Joe talk, waiting for something sad to come out of his mouth. Who the dems will come up with to replace ol Joe makes me cringe just as much. The dems are a bunch of (bad) losers and very dangerous when corned. Be safe out there America. And…..the climate has always “changed” since the Earth came into being. Very scientific proof of this folks. just saying……

  19. The first comment from Larry Schillinger made the most sense to me! All Republicans need to be prepared for any and all dirty dealings by the democraps and, there will be a lot of them! Trump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Beware!

  20. Hey, Concerned Democrat. Viruses cannot originate from inanimate objects; i.e, climate change. And, President Trump must be a surely omnipotent being if he caused climate change to worsen. Did you even get passed the 3rd grade? As per this discussion, it it rather and saddenly obvious that Biden is suffering from the onset of some form of dementia. Either the democrat party is using him as a pawn for some kind of surprise vote at the convention, or they and all of Biden’supporters are in a state of serious denial.

  21. I believe the democratic primaries for president is all window dressing. I believe the DNC is trying keep President Trump believing he will have an easy go of it with Joe. However, at their convention the super delegates will not support Joe so he will not have enough vote to get the nomination. Since Joe does not receive enough votes for the nomination, there will have to be a floor vote. I believe at that point, the DNC will nominate a person, they have secretly chosen to be their presidential nominee. A new vote will be taken and that person will win the nomination to run against President Trump. All this in hopes it will throw President Trump off his game plan and then there would be at least a chance of defeating President Trump.

  22. I actually feel a little sorry for Joe. He’s just a witless pawn in a machine much bigger and more powerful than him. I don’t know what’s going on with him. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. And I haven’t examined him. But something is not right. Alzheimer’s? Dementia? Who knows? But there is something. And the democrat power machine must know he is not even remotely fit for the office they’re running him for. They just see him as their only snowball’s chance to get a democrat elected and grab power back from Republicans. I believe their whole strategy is to get him elected and pass power to their VP candidate under the 25th amendment.

  23. Joe is history. On his best day he knows his name. Get thee to a HOME! The dementia gets worse everyday! Joe, it’s not your fault. What your handlers are doing is criminal! They should be put in jail and throw away the key! It’s just terrible what they are doing with your sickness!

  24. PROOF ….the media is in “Protection Mode” of the “Brainless Moron”….or maybe he is trying to garner sympathy in hopes it keeps him from being prosecuted for the Qui Pro Quo in the Ukraine….

  25. V.P. Biden’s response makes infinitely more sense than Trump’s continuous string of lies he has said since Jamuary 2020, when he told America that it was all under control. On March 26, he was fact checked and told SIX falsehoods, including this whopper:
    3. Trump said, “We have to open up. We can’t say, ‘Let’s close.’ People
    don’t want to close.” He also said, “People want to go back to work. I’m hearing it loud and clear from everybody.” He added, “This is the United States of America. They don’t want to sit around and wait.” This is false.
    A Pew Research poll released on Thursday found that large majorities of Americans say the closure of businesses, schools and entertainment activities was necessary to address the pandemic. A Fox News poll conducted March 21-24 found that 75% of the 1,011 registered voters surveyed supported a national “stay-in-place” order for everyone other than essential workers.

  26. I feel sorry for Mr.Biden, but I certainly wouldn’t want him for President. His family and the rest of the Democrats need to get a grip and realize this man has a problem – if they can read they should go on line and read both the 10 warning signs of Dementia and the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s. I’m not a doctor, but anyone who could read those articles and not at least question whether the man has a problem has to be a true science denier (which is what they accuse people who they don’t agree with all the time – as well as racism, xenophobia and a rash of other things). And for his ignorant physician to claim that Mr. Biden’s running for office is proof he doesn’t have a problem is truly unforgivable. It doesn’t take a physician to see the man needs help.

  27. I’m 77 years old and sometimes forget things, but Biden’s comments show that he suffers from Dementia and logical reasoning. He is in know mental shape to be a Presidential Leader

  28. I thought this discussion was about Joe Biden’s capacity to be President. But we always have to have one person chime in and blame Trump for something. Julio Richard Laredo, this segment is about JOE BIDEN. Very sad that the DNC is permitting this. I have a hunch he’s going to choose Kamila Harris as his VP and then she will become the very first female prez. Maybe we are all being taken for a ride and the post of VP is the ultimate goal of the DNC.

  29. Tragic that Joe Biden’s family has not stepped on to care for their senile father — elder abuse; if left alone, he may unwittingly get lost.

    GPS bracelet should be attached for his safety.


    P.S. Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  30. Joe Biteme Biden is a sick old demented fool. He talks about he and obama like he was the pres. and obama was the VP. If he even makes it to Nov., he will be crushed in the election as will a very great number of demoncrats. One can only hope and pray that the dummies in CA will dump the queen witch of SF and the pencil neck ass from Burbank. Cuomo does not look presidential, he looks foolish and incompetent. Go MAGA & KAG

  31. It’s time the R.N.C. gets involved with the Biden campaign. File some kind of official injunction to verify that Biden is not mentally competent to run for office.

  32. This virus was caused by climate change and Trump has made climate change much worse since he’s been in office. Even if Biden is going senile he would still be better than Trump who wants to let the whole world burnup.

  33. We should never lose sight of the chess game going on. The Dems want Trump out and are looking for a checkmate! They know Bernie can’t beat Trump, so move him as a pawn. They know Biden may win enough delegates to be nominated, but watch for his “medical” problem to take him out of the race in one of two ways: he will have to withdraw at the convention and allow a “dark horse” candidate be nominated (Hillary would love it, as would Cuomo); or is they think he could still beat Trump, let him run, get elected and then allow his VP (Hillary, Cuomo, Waters, etc) take the office. Their game is not to care about Biden, but to use him as best they can to gain power (POTUS). There are some slick moves coming, so stay alert.

  34. Joe needs to be under house arrest. That is the safest place for him and the American public in general.

  35. The reason the left wants old miser Joe Bribem for president, is cuz he will just be the puppet. They dont need him to do anything but stand there, nod his head, and sign documents that they put out. The more dementia he has, the easier he is to control. Be that as it may, poopio is freakin gay.

  36. As the Dems say take advantage of a crisis. Biden & Co. are doing exactly that by keeping him away from public scrutiny. His gaffes will only continue to get worse. They needs to elect him because he is a puppet whose strings will be pulled by those in charge and he will be replaced right away by his VP and that is why they are all lining up to support him so they will become POTUS via the back door because they know they will never get elected.

  37. PoorJoe sad part about it, he’s to senile to realize that his delusion of grandeur of the past were some of his greatest failures in judgements based on a long list of failed policies!!! Hide his senility is just as bad as his gaffes! Must be embarassing to his wife to prop-up Joe when he’s out in public and not recognized as his wife from his sister!!! !!

  38. Remember, it was none other than POTUS Barry who suggested he did not need to embarrass himself trying to procure the nomination. Things are bound to get worse. Attempts to ‘hide’ him like they did with the Hunchback of Chappaqua will prove to be equally futile. This is going to end like the closing scene from the movie ‘Thelma and Louise’.

  39. Joseph Biden has sunk into advanced stages of dementia:
    –confusion and disorientation
    –hallucinations, illusions of grandeur
    –severe loss of memory, forgetting what he is trying to say in the middle of a sentence
    –forgetting where he is
    –lapses in concentration ability, cloudy or slowed down thinking processes
    –difficulty communicating or finding words
    –poor judgment or decision making
    –inability to perform simple tasks
    –difficulty solving simple problems
    –difficulty understanding simple information
    But (except for Al Sharpton) he is still the best the democrats have to offer.

  40. If his family cared anything for him they would keep him at home and properly care for him. Just like pelosi

  41. Hi I’m sure this chemical warfare and the Democrats had something to do with it ! This is just what they have been talking about decimating the economy , and the older generation because they tend to vote republican it all there they colluded with Iran , most likely China . Their horrific display of defiance is a terrorist agenda . rotten to the core.

  42. Biden is senile. He’s like the Chatty Kathy doll that simply repeats the pre=recorded messages whether they make sense or not. Anyone that can’t see that should examine their own ability to make a sound judgement when it come to picking someone to run this country.

  43. I really plan to vote for a guy who can’t tell his blond wife from his brunette wife and resides in the 51st state, the state of Confusion. His name should really be Joe Buffoon and those encouraging him should be charged with elder abuse!

  44. Ole Joe has been described as a melting ice cube. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I seriously believe there are those in the deep state democrat establishment taking a real hard look at Governor Cuomo as their knight in shining armour for November. The mainstream media is grooming him with national news conferences in a setting that appears very Presidential. Meanwhile they’re not airing the President’s news conferences pertaining to Covid-19. For some of the sheeple, they might even think that Cuomo is the President…..close the gun stores, but keep the pot dispensaries open…Hey man….don’t bogart that joint….Corona virus? Is that a new beer from Mexico man?

  45. The hoax here is being perpetrated by the democrat party.
    The hoax is they want us to believe Biden has the mental capacity to be president.
    He doesn’t, and every person with an IQ above 80 should be able to see that.

  46. I just buried my Dad after 8 years of Dementia, and all the signs and verbal mishaps of Joe Biden are relevant. His family and campaign should pull him out of race and Respectfully allow him to be cared for at home. Be surrounded by grandchildren and family. The end is so abrupt, as I look back at pictures just 5 weeks before my Dad died. As his primary care giver I did not see it as I was living in the moments. Please let everyone Democrats who liked Joe remember him as he was…..I am a Conservative but as an America and human being we should stop calling Joe names of mental illnesses. As always, Pray for our country and each other.

  47. Jacob… What is the lie you speak of or the slant? Biden has no grasp of intellect. How any voter can support Biden’s show of a lack of mental dexterity is truly sad. No slant…. just the truth. As Biden would say, “Truth over facts”.

  48. Damn Dan, if he’s to stupid to be embarrassed, what does that mean for the people that’s going to vote for him??? Well I call them people, sometimes my description may be questionable…

  49. Jacob Raitt – there is nothing false about what is reported here. Joe Biden lacks mental acuity to serve in ANY office. You see, I think he knows he will be held accountable to the American people for embezzlement, so he’s building his case to say he has dementia and can’t answer for his crimes,

  50. Joe why don’t you just retired? After 46 years in Congress you are DONE! Nothing you can say that will change lot of Patroit AMERICANS mind! Obama fail to restock those mask and gloves you know that true! Remember the SWINE FLU? 12k people died!

  51. Well they were right about one thing, everything Biden states comes out in a stupid way.

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