Joe Biden just took this scary step to try and cancel Fox News

One of the Democrat Party’s main goals is to censor conservative speech.

The entire Left is committed to this awful reality.

And Joe Biden just took this scary step to try and cancel Fox News.

Joe Biden nominated pro-censorship Alvaro Bedoya for a spot on the Federal Trade Commission.

Bedoya once sat on the board of a radical left-wing group called “Free Press,” whose goal was to shut down Fox News by pressuring advertisers to boycott the network.

Free Press was well-practiced in the new left-wing ethos of branding all conservative speech as “hate speech” and “racism.”

Breitbart News reports:

Free Press has smeared a number of conservatives and conservative organizations. It accused Breitbart News and other conservative media entities of spreading “misinformation” and painting “people of color, immigrants, and religious minorities” as “the enemy of the United States.”

It has accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson — the most popular cable news host in the country — of being “notoriously racist” and “part of the white supremacy problem,” calling on major advertisers to boycott Fox News. In its public petition to advertisers, it accused Fox News of spreading “hate” and “misinformation” and tied it to “hate crimes against black people.”

Earlier this year left-wing activists at CNN tried to pressure cable companies into dropping Fox News or moving the channel farther down in the listings so it would be harder for viewers to find.

On the Federal Trade Commission, Bedoya will wield enormous power over regulating Big Tech.

Democrats know the government can’t pass laws banning conservative speech online.

Instead, Biden will appoint pro-censorship fanatics like Bedoya to positions where the likes of Bedoya can threaten regulations against Big Tech unless Big Tech acts on the Democrat Party’s behalf and censors more conservative speech.

Bedoya has no problem with corporate media outlets spreading misinformation about Donald Trump colluding with Russia or the Hunter Biden laptop being the product of Russian disinformation.

CNN, MSNBC, and The New York Times will never face censorship for those false claims.

Instead, Bedoya will drone about wanting to “police Big Tech” which in turn will lead to the Silicon Valley titans getting the hint and banning more conservatives and censoring more views that contradict Democrat Party talking points in order to avoid the regulators wrath.

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