Joe Biden just waved the white flag with this major admission of defeat to Donald Trump

No one saw this coming.

But it shows just how panicked Joe Biden and the Democrats are about the midterm election.

And Joe Biden just waved the white flag with this major admission of defeat to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump made building a border wall the centerpiece of his victorious 2016 presidential campaign.

In 2019 Trump declared a national emergency unlocking billions of dollars in military funding which allowed Trump to build hundreds of miles of wall.

On Joe Biden’s first day in office Biden halted all construction on the border wall as part of a series of steps to open the border.

As expected, America is now overrun by a record illegal alien invasion.

With polls showing immigration is a massive political vulnerability Biden is seeking to cover his tracks in this failure ahead of the midterm election.

And Biden stunned observers by authorizing the construction of the border wall to fill in gaps in the Yuma, Arizona area – which is one the biggest locations for illegal border crossings.

NBC News reports:

The Biden administration on Thursday authorized completion of the Trump-funded U.S.-Mexico border wall in an open area of southern Arizona near Yuma, where four wide gaps make it among the busiest corridors for illegal crossings.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that the work to complete the project near the Morelos Dam will better protect migrants who can get hurt slipping down a slope or drown walking through a low section of the Colorado River.

The area is the third busiest crossing for migrants who can easily walk across the river to surrender to border officials.

Completion of the wall was at the top of former President Donald Trump’s agenda, and border security remains a potent issue for candidates of both parties going into this year’s primary elections. President Joe Biden halted new wall construction after he took office, but he has since made closing the gaps just south of Yuma a priority.

The fake news media, Democrats, and pro-amnesty RINOs ridiculed Trump’s border as racist and ineffective.

But Joe Biden is now admitting what Donald Trump and his supporters know to be true.

And that is the simple fact that walls work.

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