Joe Biden just won a victory that no one saw coming

The Democrat Presidential primary race just took sharp turn.

Democrats appear poised to reach a conclusion to their nominating contest that seemed unthinkable just 72-hours ago.

But that all changed because Joe Biden just won a victory that no one saw coming.

In the crucial Super Tuesday contest Joe Biden won at least nine states.

The former Vice President scored larger than expected victories in Virginia and North Carolina while winning upsets in Minnesota, Texas, and Massachusetts despite never even campaigning or running TV ads in Massachusetts and Minnesota.

This Super Tuesday sweep vaulted Biden into frontrunner status just weeks after his campaign was left for dead and everyone assumed Bernie Sanders was about to runway with the nomination.

In a victory speech on Tuesday night, Biden thanked South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn whose endorsement provided the rocket fuel for Biden’s massive win in the Palmetto State.

Biden also declared that as the Democrat Party nominee his strength at the top of the ticket would allow Democrats to keep their majority in the House of Representatives.

“I was proud to be endorsed by Jim Clyburn, man, he is something else,” Biden roared. “Our campaign reflects the diversity of this party and this nation, because we need to bring everybody along. We want a nominee who will keep Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House and win back the United States Senate.”

Biden also made it clear that he would take this campaign into the gutter by repeating the Fake News Media lies and smears about Trump being a racist who divides the country.

“This all starts with a revival of decency and honesty and character,” Biden ranted.

“The way he talks about people, he has not a single sense of empathy, he doesn’t have any compassion. […] He looks at honesty and decency and respect as a sign of weakness, he doesn’t believe we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves,” Biden continued.

While there are still many states left on the primary calendar and no candidate looks likely to win enough delegates to clinch the nomination on the first ballot, it now looks like the eventual outcome of this race will be a Trump versus Biden contest.

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