Joe Biden launched this secret plan to cancel Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is always the number one target of the woke mob.

Now the Left is getting serious about forcing Carlson off the air.

And Joe Biden launched this secret plan to cancel Tucker Carlson.

Leftists seized on the tragedy in Buffalo as the path to canceling Carlson based on the lie that he promotes the Great Replacement conspiracy theory.

But in a brief interaction with reporters, Joe Biden refused to call out Carlson by name for supporting the Great Replacement theory.

“I believe anybody who echoes a replacement is to blame — not for this particular crime. But it’s for no purpose — no purpose except for profit and/or political benefit. And it’s wrong. It’s just simply wrong,” Biden stated.

But that does not mean reason or fair mindedness suddenly came over the Biden administration.

Instead, Joe Biden allies within the White House told POLITICO that the Left planned to target Carlson’s advertisers.

POLITICO reports:

Senior aides have felt that pressure from fellow Republicans and, importantly, advertisers would be more effective in pushing individuals like Fox News host Tucker Carlson to distance themselves from replacement theory. As one senior aide put it, there was no desire to give Carlson a clip of a presidential attack that the host could “use in his A-block every night.”

“[We] totally understand the desire to call people out who have been pushing this disgusting rhetoric, but I also think it’s worth remembering that many of these demagogues would love nothing more than the oxygen and attention that comes from the president blasting them,” a person familiar with the White House’s thinking said. “And in turn, that attention and notoriety may help them further spread these lies.”

“Doesn’t mean you never call them out, but I think it means you need to be very judicious about doing so and cognizant that it may have unintended consequences,” the person added.

Advertiser boycotts are one of the Left’s favorite targets.

Corporations are a weak point who are typically led by woke CEOs who never want to be on the wrong side of whatever the Left’s cause of the day happens to be or are terrified of bad publicity and pull their ads from Fox News.

And now the Biden administration is encouraging woke mobs to harass Carlson’s advertisers on social media in the hopes they yank their commercials and force Fox News to fire him or face financial ruin.

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