Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag on his running mate with this announcement

Joe Biden’s nomination as the Democrat candidate for President is a mere formality.

At this point there is only one question hanging over the race.

And Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag on his running mate with this announcement.

Joe Biden dominated the headlines coming out of the last Democrat Presidential debate by announcing his intention to nominate a woman as his Vice Presidential running mate.

“If I’m elected president, my cabinet, my administration will look like the country,” Joe Biden declared. “I commit that I will, in fact, pick a woman to be my vice president.”

“There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow,” the former Vice President continued. “I would pick a woman to be my vice president.”

The names that floated to the top of the list of potential running mates were Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Stacey Abrams and Val Demmings.

Demmings, Harris, and Abrams are black women, which would allow Biden to check two boxes on the identity politics wish list for the Left.

With Biden and Sanders emerging as the final two candidates for the nomination there was little doubt that whoever won the nomination would choose a woman running mate.

After Hillary Clinton’s two failed Presidential campaigns many female Democrat voters came to the conclusion that the country would never elect a woman President.

That helped explain why Warren’s campaign failed to achieve liftoff once the voting began.

Biden promising to pick a woman running mate is his effort to keep far-left feminists – many of whom did not support his campaign in the primary – on board for the general election.

Will this strategy work?

The Vice Presidential nominee usually ends up being inconsequential to voters.

Americans vote based on the top of the ticket.

But with Biden’s advanced age meaning he is likely to only serve one term the selection of his Vice Presidential running mate could inherit the Presidency should Biden choose to step down to allow his successor to run as an incumbent in 2024.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Hey whimp biddey how many push-ups can you do today you lying piece of deplorable racist communist jerk

  2. Biden is nothing but a deplorable old mfing bastard who is getting all directions from his stupid wife jilly and drug addict son the slimy hunter
    So far the list of possible VP choices are all deplorable unqualified morons

  3. If Biden wins, his VP is the real president, God help us, as I don’t believe he would last a year before he would be deemed unfit for office. I cannot imagine any DimoRat winning the WH taking the same, expeditious (for government) actions to defeat an invisible enemy as this president is doing to protect the American citizens and legal residents. Hate Trump or love him, what have you got to lose by re-electing him other than your life, your soul and our country.

  4. Doesn’t matter who Biden picks for a running mate, Biden remains compromised and anyone he picks is a neophyte compared to our current POTUS. Trying times will not support inexperience at the top. KAG 2020

  5. OK ‘ bj ‘–I Absolutely defy you to point out any one of my posts, where I spewed out one 4 letter expletive labeling Trump, saying he’s a f___er, f___up, telling him to go f___k himself,etc. Never called him an ass____, bastard. . .you get the picture? Oh, but a plethora of troglodytes in many Post Sites, sure have expressed those Very same Expletives to the Democratic Candidates. So, ‘ bj ‘, don’t pretend to be such a pedantic and pious zealot!

  6. Robert, what I said is the truth. God is helping our country. He prevented Hillary from getting back into our White House. If she had been elected, this country would be finished. And read your own posts to see your name-calling. And you say you don’t hate Pres. Trump. Really???? You call him every bad thing you can come up with. Could have fooled us. Nothing you say about him is true. He loves this country and is doing a lot of good for it. Open your eyes and dare to see the truth.

  7. bj–bj–bj. . . you accuse me of hatred? 99% of every blog I go to: bashes, vilifies, lodges vociferous vile 4 letter metaphors at All of those-who, like myself-propose an opposing, viable choice that flies in
    the face of a Trump re–election is Absolutely Staggering! ! !
    We’re Trump truly GOD given, he Most Assuredly would not be the crass, misogynistic, ill-mannered, two-faced,
    covert agended hypocrite that he truly is.
    And by-the-by bj, I am a Christian; unlike All of those troglodyte posters who spew vitriolic vile hatred at other Presidential Candidates, I categorically do not hate Donald Trump, I disagree with his tactics, mannerisms, pomposity and IMHO, ability to run our Great Country. . .to have our Best interests at Heart!
    For my choice, should the final countdown come to a Trump/Biden { POTUS }/Evil Hillary { VP } ticket–I’ll cast a Write In Vote!

  8. Robert, you come here to a Christian site and proceed to attack anyone you do not agree with and call them names and put them down. You are obviously not a Christian, as God forbids your sick hate and name-calling. And, yes, God did give us Pres. Trump, who has done a lot of good for this country and for Christians. And your write-in vote will do no good for this country. The dem party threw God out and embraces satan. Pres. Trump sides with Christians. Instead of putting him down, if you are a Christian, pray for him. I pray for him every day. But guess you don’t believe in prayer. sad

  9. Well bj–trolling back in again I see! Looks as though Trump has now been solidified as the ‘ official ‘ Republican Candidate; and Biden as the ‘ official ‘ Democratic Candidate. . . with a possible Biden pick of Evil Hillary for VP.
    Moving forward, for me–if Biden’s choice comes to pass, my Vote is 100% cast as a Write In; shades of deja Vu, a flashback to the last Election where it’s conclusively not even ” The Lesser Of Two Evils “. Trump: in the Iconic words: is a ‘ Legend In His Own Mind ‘ with grandiose exaggerated sense of his own alleged greatness! And puked up Hillary as a possible Joe Biden VP–multiple sadness for us All! GOD help our Great Country is my ultimate Prayer!

  10. Robert, Pres. Trump is very capable and able to run this country which he loves and has done a lot of good for. If a dem gets in, this country is finished. Their goal is total control over every aspect of your life. But if that’s what you want, go ahead and waste your vote

  11. OK JLaC: here’s the truth–in the final analysis, the Republican Party, I’m certain, must have a Candidate who
    is above reproach, good, honourable, of unblemished character; the R.Party should not be Tainted by ‘ Bad Apple ‘Trump!
    To parallel, moving forward–the same holds true for the Democratic Party. I saw good in Tom Steyer, however unfortunately, he dropped out! Anyway, should the choices come down to Trump and Biden–most Assuredly, I’ll ‘ Write In’, as I did last Election because I surely didn’t want to vote for Trump–nor ‘ Scumbag Hillary { there was no ” Lesser Of The Two Evils ” }; so JLaC– vote your conscience,
    and I’ll do the Same! ! !

  12. Hey Bob the Walleye, its obvious you’re a never Trumper so be it.
    You like to point out every splinter in Trumps Eye, but you will never even glance at the Redwood trees in Joe Biden’s peepers. And they are huge to say the least. He’s been gifting off the taxpayers for his whole career, but to line your siblings and offsprings pockets too is just a tragic joke.Even though the main stream media always gives him a pass, but he won’t be able to escape it forever in this election cycle.Just wait till he’s the official nomination and his total accomplish nothing past. That will only be the beginning of his conjob,roaming hands weirdness, influence peddling taxpsyer fleecing. He’s not a stable man anymore, and will only get worse as there is no cure yet for alzhiemers. But when he gets trounced it’s only the Demoncrats fault, as they have zero quality candidates but that clown show we witnessed this past year. Joe Biden might be the most flawed one they’ve put up since the last one… Even though she can’t accept the Electoral College and has used every excuse except the sun was in her eyes.

  13. Just for your questionable, vapid and
    miniscule comprehension–you love Trump, well, if he { GOD forbid } wins the Election. . . then you will have to live with with his unfitness to lead our Great Country.
    So, Biden and Sanders scares a lot of people?–Trump scares the s–t out of me, and what nefarious frightening fiasco he’ll foist upon us All. If he’s re-elected. . .you, {and those who vote him in }, made your bed, LIE in it! ! !

  14. Robert the Wallace, you are truly clueless. Trump bullied his way into our White House???? Really??????? He WON his way into our White House by all who voted for him. He would have won the popular vote easily if not for dems having illegals voting, dead people voting, and those who voted more than once. The dem party threw God out and they are evil. But that is fine with you. Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for this country and for Christians. But just deny the truth and remain a fool

  15. Well, well, bj–you most Assuredly are a ” Fountain of massive CRAP “; A} GOD did not give us Trump [ not by a Longshot ]–he gave us his SON, and gave everyone who has ever lived, or will live, our Very Lives! Trump bullied his way into the White House by pure Bull___t! And B} there’s Most definitely a More Monumentally better candidate for the office of POTUS! C} In the last Election, between Trump and Evil Hillary–it was a question of ‘ the Lesser of the TWO EVILS ‘. . . didn’t vote for Either one. Bottom line bj, 99% of All politicians, are full of Bull____t–trying to unearth the true and altruistic 1% is for us All to find; it takes a FOOL, to believe he/she can accuse one of being a FOOL!

  16. I said it befor and I’ll say it again .The delusional democrats will make sure old Joe wins the democrat party . thenif he wins the election set him a side and some one behind the curtain will be pulling the strings . old Joe’s mine can’t function anymore in that way . Their tell him he won the sedate seat and set him in the corner to play wuth a piece of red string while someone else runs our country in to the ground in his name . More then likely for the money . We will suffer the most if that happens .
    Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

  17. Robert the Wallace, you are truly a fool. And James, PLEASE tell us ONE crime that Pres. Trump has committed. You CAN’T!!!!! He has done only good for this country. Both of you need to take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t need it

  18. Robert the Wallace, you are truly clueless. You have no idea what you are talking about. It is GOD who gave us Pres. Trump. He knows how evil Hillary is. And Pres. Trump has done a LOT for Christians. If Pres. Trump does not win another term, this country is finished. The goal of the dem party is total control of every aspect of our life. They threw God out and satan controls their party.

  19. The good prevail, evil fail, wrongdoers jailed, corrupt impaled. Ameri ca, rid our government of every last democrat. Defeat corruption. Aim to fill the drained fertile swampland with all manner of good. Insist on swift Justice for both the corrupt and the good. Vote for our President Trump.

  20. Only deplorables vote for a narcissistic racist without. an ounce of intellect and is dumb as a rock! In they are all dumb as a rock,just mindless idiots in love with a no good for anything!!!! Watch out you don’t trip on your big toe

  21. I think you are leaving out the most likely of them all. Someone who would guarantee the black vote as well as women, Michelle Obama. It would not surprise me if Obama as part of his deal with Biden to get the other candidates to drop out was to have Biden select Michelle. Obama knows Sleepy Joe would defer most everything to her and prepare her for President in 24.That would in essence give her 3 terms to solidify what Obama was not able to do. Scary thought but the kind of deal Obama would make in a heartbeat.

  22. I just have to laugh at the democrats, especially the idiots here on this site, if you were to squeeze all their brains into a normal size brain mold, it would only fill the primitive area of the stem. The fact that they cant choose a running mate by ability but have to by gender is idiocy, Biden has to be the least qualified man to ever run for office, even Mitt Romney could beat him! I guess they chose the appropriate animal to represent the party. Send them to school, buy them books and look what you get, sheesh!

  23. You know Dan: Amen to that, and GOD Bless us All–may He guide us in our ultimate choice for the Absolute Best POTUS for our Beloved Country! Take Care and be Well 😎

  24. Well Joe Bob–your opinion, although entirely out of your clueless mind–devoid of any rational thoughts whatsoever, insert where the Sun doesn’t shine!

  25. Geez, left wingers like little Robby Wallass and lithium licking Julio have to show their ignorance by posting here. You two ladies please do us all a favor and go hang yourselves in the closet!

  26. Oh I knew it….greaser Julio would jump in. Hola Julio. Tu madre es puta. Tu familia es cabron……be that as it may!

  27. Well Dan, so good to critique the upcoming Election with you, I value your opinions and moving forward–we agree to disagree; you obviously follow the dictates of your own convictions, as I do!
    So, in the final analysis, as my conscience dictates, I will cast my vote as it represents the way in which I can feel that would be able to live with my decision comfortably. . .and your choice will do the same for you!

  28. There is not a one on the list posted fit to hold any office. Picking Stacy Abrams would should save money. We could abolish Secret Service & just use her cadre of New Black Panthers to protect her, Biden, & Soros can keep paying for the NBPs. Biden will have to let them have AR14s w/ 10 round clips or each one must get a FFL to own something as dangerous as an AR15.

    The best thing for Biden to do is get Hillary. He can say he won The Presidency. I doubt he cares how long he serves.

  29. IF Your a good AMERICAN you will vote TRUMP in office. He is AMERICAN NOT ON THE TAKE. the others are all money lovers. Trump loves AMERICA AND I WISH ALL WOULD VOTE FOR HIM The others are from countries that are shameful for what they believe in. AND if any of then get in AMERICAN will be a dirt hole like they live. TRUMP IS OUR MAN STOP BEING EITHER PARTY IT IS THE PERSON THAT MATTERS

  30. Not only is Joe creepy he did nothing as VP when he was in. Joe can not keep his hands to hisself even now. Now let us talk age he is well passed the age to be running. Now let us talk health he has many. Not to say the least that he is showing Alzheimer’s behavior.

  31. I don’t know all of the listed possibilities, but Harris will only get him votes in CA. She is not a nice person, and she told her constituents to avoid any restaurant or store that voted for Trump. I sure wouldn’t want her as VP. Warren was far left of Biden in philosophy, and therefore, Biden would be halfway supporting Sanders if he picked her. She didn’t even do well in her own state in the primaries. But, unfortunately, Hillary would be the closest to Biden in philosophy of politics, so if he anticipates not completing his term, or only running for one term, watch out that she doesn’t become his choice. Biden could do well with Obama and the Clintons supporting his run. And Hillary would play to the woman vote, as Biden has already done well with black voters on his own. Hillary could also run with him by pushing the idea that she actually had more votes than Trump, so now would be a good time for folks to show that she really deserved it more than Trump. And when Biden quits, dies, or doesn’t run a second time, she would fulfill her desire to be the first woman president in US history. That has been her goal all along. That was part of the deal she made with Obama in 2012, that she would follow him in 2016. It didn’t work for her and she’s been trying to figure out how to reverse that loss. It is not a coincidence that she is suddenly being seen more publically (Fallon show on TV, tweeting Trump about his failures with the coronavirus, being in the news suddenly again) now that the primaries are almost finished. By this tact, she has been able to avoid being challenged by her Democratic rivals who might expose her failures, her lack of respect for the law, and her lack of true caring for others. Now she could come in as Biden’s VP and avoid any negative recoil. However, this election, if she does become his VP nominee, could change the traditional dynamic of voters voting on the top person and ignoring the VP candidate. The Republicans would have a field day playing chess against the VP candidate, besides Biden. That could produce a very tempestuous election.

  32. BIDEN & BIDEN 2020….. I guess Hunter is too busy hiding out up in Bel -Air oops I mean “Painting” to help out ol dad. You have to admit they have absolutely no shame or fear with the fake news media in his pocket of being exposed for all the grifting he’s done his whole adult life. ‘Portraits of Corruption’ is an excellent book on the classic theme of following the money…. Biden’s whole family is filthy rich from his influence where ever he’s been in politics. Joe “Xerox” Biden even flinched others written words… It’s sickening the way lying Joe has milked the taxpayers. No wonder he and Lying Hellary get along so well!

  33. Robert the fact is that Biden and Bernie scare me. The democrats are not the party that they once was. I didn’t leave them in 1993, they left me. The biggest problem with Trump is that he can be rude, but I can see him changing a little.

  34. James Robert, Robert the Wallace …. please keep your demented, biased, Hollywood type opinions to yourself. It is quite obvious that you have neither the intelligence or the understanding of current events to make any comments whatsoever. You both are hateful and mentally impaired.

  35. Appearances are Very deceiving and can be catastrophic Dan–though Trump seems to do a marvelous work for us, I’m telling you, he has ulterior motives; as a last resort I still feel ” Write In ” would–in my own conscience–be my ‘ peace of mind ‘that would be casting the dictates of my resolve to not bow down to the consensus of placing a POTUS in the White House who would eventually bring our Great Country to ruin. By the by, I feel Ted Cruz was leagues ahead of Trump for being of good caliber and character. . . much better for us!

  36. In my opinion neither Biden or Bernie is competent to run a lemonade stand let alone our country. Trump is not perfect, but no one is, he is crude, rude, and socially unacceptable. And he gets things done. We do not need another whining wimp in the White House that empowers our enemies and insults our allies. Trump has done a good job for America and I will vote for him again.

  37. Reply to Bruce..You hit the nail on the head..The party knows old corrupt Joe cannot be President and this is simply a set up for Hillary who cannot win a election on her own, so they are setting up old joe (who is not capable of anything and will only get mentally worse) and hillary will be in. A vote for Biden is a vote for Hillary..

  38. If Blacks are 13% and Sanders people are too stoned to find a voting booth and only half of Biden’s people are coherent enough to know what day to vote…..How does the pencil out for old Joe?

  39. Robert if John kacich had advanced to at least being close to the nomination, he would probably have slung mud too. As for Trump, I didn’t vote for him in my state primary. I voted for Ted Cruz. But I was determined to vote for anyone but Hillary. If enough people had voted write in, we would have her. Write in doesn’t elect people anymore. And our borders would be overran with people coming in a tidal wave for the freebies. And our gun rights would be in worse peril than now. You also can’t argue that Trump hasn’t helped the economy and job market. And this virus thing isn’t his fault. I also noticed that he’s acting more presidential.

  40. It seems to me that it would be a bad idea to select a woman VP who already performed badly in the runup and had to drop out of the race.

  41. To Dan: I stand by my post–I didn’t vote for either Trump, or worthless Hillary in the last Election, my vote was a ‘ Write-in { John Kasich, because he was the only one predominantly who wanted to discuss issues while everyone else was bashing and bad-mouthing each other! }. I was ridiculed heavily by those who knew, saying I in essence ‘ threw my vote in the toilet; however, ‘ Write-in ‘ votes got President Kennedy elected as well as other notable elected individuals. . . just may be my ultimate move this next Election! !
    As for DCC:you come across as a total narcissistic, sociopathic, capitalist douche-bag who doesn’t Care that Trump is not the altruistic , God sent Savior he appears to project! Get Real!

  42. James Roberts Bill Clinton raped women. Also you’re an idiot libturd. But buckle up. 4 more years!!!!!!

  43. Looks like Robert the Wallace nailed it. If we don’t dump Trump and put a democrat in office we won’t be safe from Lucifer because only democrats will stop Lucifer.
    Democrats are to Lucifer what garlic is to vampires. He really hates them.
    If it weren’t for this kind of idiocy democrats probably wouldn’t win any elections.

  44. Yeah Joe is going to pick a woman for vice president he’s going to pick Hillary Clinton because after they elect Biden which is not going to happen but let’s just say if something weird happened and he did get elected and Hillary was the vice-president they would claim Biden’s got Alzheimer’s he can’t run the country Hillary’s going to be president

  45. The two jerks who bad mouth our President are just asshole commiecraps. Just consider the source and ignore them they are inconsequential. As for joe biteme selecting a black woman to be his runnin mate, there are no qualified women who fit the bill. All of them have their problems. One is mean nasty and can’t be trusted, another slept her way to the top, is a political whore, the other one is fat, stupid and crooked. So, there you go, pick one they are all losers…..

  46. Biden promising to pick a woman running mate is his effort to keep far-left feminists

    Biden IS a far left feminist.

    Who do you think made this statement?
    It may surprise you when you find out.

    “In my house, being raised with a sister and three brothers, there
    was an absolute – it was a nuclear sanction, if under any
    circumstances, for any reason, no matter how justified, even self-
    defense – if you ever touched your sister, not figuratively,
    literally. My sister, who is my best friend, my campaign manager, my
    confidante, grew up with absolute impunity in our household. And I
    have the bruises to prove it. I mean that sincerely. I am not
    exaggerating when I say that.”
    “And I have the bruises to prove it.”

    The author? None other then Senator Joe Biden…the originator of
    the Violence Against Women Act. Umm wouldn’t ya think he would
    know better then most that women can be violent too???

  47. Robert you made your point. Now tell us whom we should replace Trump with. The flip side is a crowd of queer lovers and baby killers. You want to spout about the Bible? Do you think open borders for come one come all is a good idea? The city of Jerusalem in mine and your Bible has walls. Do you really want a nanny state? Free gimmee gimmee for illegal aliens? The list goes on. No, Trump isn’t perfect, but I voted for a president, not a pastor. And yes, I’m a believer. But my King James Bible doesn’t back up the agenda of your crowd. Same with some of the republicans.

  48. This Election year most Assuredly deserves a total shakeup; Trump needs to be DUMPED! What comes to mind is the Holy Bible warning of a ” Wolf in sheep’s clothing “– someone who will overtly seem to fix all of our fears, threats, problems and horrors of global thermonuclear war. . . covertly though, harbor a covert agenda which would tear our Country Asunder and leave us completely at the designs of Lucifer himself! Don’t be hoodwinked and blind; Trump must GO!

  49. John R the commiecrats have no answer. Trump is doing what they don’t have the guts to do. And it works.

  50. Sleepy Joe Biden hasn’t won yet. He may have no need for a running mate. Communist Bernie Sanders may be the one looking for a running mate. neither one is worth feces, but that is today’s new communist-democrat party.

  51. I have ONE simple question.
    What has President Trump incorrectly done since being elected.
    No talking points just facts
    This should be interesting


  52. I would guess Biden would chose Hillary to be VP. She is more electable than the other woman listed IMO, and she is the most centrist, (on paper), even though she’s a crook.

  53. Biden will never win. Not ever. Not intellectually qualified. Not morally qualified. Not medically qualified. The population understands not qualified.
    Its just that the others are even less qualified.

  54. we are living in a sad day in America Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are a moron I would never vote the two guys period

  55. From all of the comments I just read are from either a racist, bigot, or a white supremacist!!! All a bunch of haters!!
    Just like the President we have in the White House, only the best at being the worst human being to walk the face of the world!! Disgusting sexual predator that has no morals whatsoever!! His corruption has no bounds and in need of being impeached and prosecuted for his crimes, that he has and is still doing, convicted and punished in accordance with the law!!

  56. I think that Americans should DEMAND that
    Biden be tested NOW. This is collusion
    and an attempt to fix the election. Biden
    will never fulfill his four years. He
    should not be allowed to proceed until
    he has a clean bill of health..which I
    don’t think he can obtain because of his
    mental decline..on top of that he is a
    corrupt career politician who has lined
    his pockets and the pockets of his family
    members..On the other hand Trump donates
    his salary.
    Open your eyes America and put your TDS
    away..Support our President and put
    America and Americans before ILLEGALS.

  57. First all of them don’t belong! All we heard about them under Obama term was hate for AMERICA! Speak RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. Especially the men! BLAMING things on Trump that was started under Obama and Joe Biden time in office. You got to be a fool to believe old Joe will not come for your guns! Remember he was the One who said all you need was a SHOTGUN!

  58. I said that six months ago, it’s all a plot to have Killary in the White House.She should be in prison for letting three people get killed in Benghazi without helping.

  59. If not for president Trumps 2020 landslide victory, the White House would turn into an assisted living home. FDR made it look as a healthy young administration in comparison to what Biden would have..

  60. Why leave out Whoopi Goldberg? That would be a home run. She’s more qualified than Oprah. Aw, really who gives an Adam Schiff?

  61. Gee whiz can you imagine? Kamal Toe Hairyass….we’re doomed. That tub o lard bigot Stacy Abrams…..big as an Abrams tank is more like it….we’re doomed. Pocahontas Warren, holy crap we are doomed.

  62. Typical Dummycrat move. Sleepy Joe knows he can’t possibly rise to the level of a viable presidential candidate on his own, so he recruits a woman to pull in the women’s vote. But I think Jerk errr Joe is taking women for granted~~~they are much smarter than what Joe thinks, and in fact, smarter than Joe period.


  64. I think he is going to pick Harris. I hope people realize how Senile this guy is and he doesn’t get elected otherwise she will be President because he won’t last a month as President

  65. Should Biden win, he will be out of office very shortly on the grounds of his incompetence and senility. Whomever he picks as VP will instantly become POTUS. Hillary will take it in a heartbeat even if it means winning through the back door.

  66. If he picks Killary he would need a food tester. Michelle they would use the 25th amendment to remove him.

  67. There is NOT A qualify female on the left! Don’t care who name pop up! We already know the ones he pointed out has lot of SKELETON IN THEIR CLOSET! Just wondering if a woman can stand up to the Muslim brotherhood? Without giving in to their demand of wearing a headscarf! If they think they got to honor a Muslim brotherhood rule. Then they don’t belong in the VP seat or president seat! RACIST AGAINST WHITE by all three black Joe had chosen! They all had made comments aganist white American! Don’t belong! God created all race! Only fool created RACIST!

  68. A black woman, do people vote based upon a person’s race, or skin color, that seems truly like leftest racism. Look, let us be fair, touchy feely Uncle Joe needs someone the leftest cannot refuse to vote for from the following list. 1) an illegal Female alien, who has been deported 50 times for committing crimes, 2) Male queer drag Queen belly dancer, person of color, a Muslim, 3) Black Mexican transvestite, or throat flame thrower, 4) a circus clown transgender named Karl Marx 5) An asylum escapee wearing her Floral printed straight jacket. 6) a foreign born Barrack Obama sibling, So many qualified choices for a running mate. The liberals are going to give away the candy store and fix us real good.

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