Joe Biden leveled one threat that left the American people speechless

Joe Biden was supposed to be a moderate who could unite the country.

That image went out the window.

And it’s all because Joe Biden leveled one threat that left the American people speechless.

Bad news was pouring in from all sides for Joe Biden.

Gas prices spiked to nearly $7 a gallon in Virginia – where it was available – as the southeast experienced massive shortages due to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown after a ransomware hack.

After four years of peace under Donald Trump, war is about to break out in the Middle East as Hamas terrorists took advantage of Joe Biden’s more generous policies to launch an attack on Israel.

Inflation is out of control thanks to Joe Biden’s reckless spending, leading some to refer to it as Bidenflation.

And a dismal April jobs report showed Joe Biden’s enhanced unemployment benefits depressed job growth by paying Americans to stay home.

Biden tried to distract from this cornucopia of scandals and catastrophes by essentially announcing the coronavirus pandemic over by changing CDC guidelines to say vaccinated Americans no longer had to wear a mask or social distance.

But Biden even screwed up this declaration by using it to threaten the American people warning they could either get vaccinated or wear masks forever.

In point of fact, there is no such rule requiring Americans to get vaccinated or wear masks.

And the President has no Constitutional authority to make such a threat.

Instead of just declaring the pandemic over and taking a victory lap, Joe Biden delivered an unenforceable and confusing threat to the American people.

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