Joe Biden looked on in horror as the bad news he was dreading about 2020 just unfolded

Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat Party were terrified this day would arrive.

There is one nightmare scenario that could play out that would cost Biden the election.

And Joe Biden looked on in horror as the bad news he was dreading about 2020 just unfolded.

Democrats need to consolidate the entire anti-Trump vote if they hope to win in 2020.

That can’t happen if third party candidates splinter the vote.

And that possibility is on the table now that Michigan Congressman Justin Amash announced his intention to form an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian Party nomination for President.

“Today, I launched an exploratory committee to seek the @LPNational’s nomination for president of the United States. Americans are ready for practical approaches based in humility and trust of the people.” Amash announced.

“We’re ready for a presidency that will restore respect for our Constitution and bring people together. I’m excited and honored to be taking these first steps toward serving Americans of every background as president.”

Amash left the Republican Party after his betrayal in supporting impeaching President Trump.

And Amash hails from Michigan’s Third Congressional District.

Amash running for President as a Libertarian could provide a safe haven for the sliver of Republicans who still oppose Donald Trump but cannot bring themselves to vote for a Democrat.

Donald Trump won Michigan by just 11,000 votes in 2016.

Joe Biden and the Democrats need every single vote they can muster if they hope to flip the Wolverine State back to blue in 2020.

That task became more difficult now that Justin Amash could be the Libertarian Party nominee for President.

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